computer networks embedded systems tybsc it fybsc it web programming health informatics fybsc it digital electronics geographic information systems gis internet of things hi multimedia electronics and telecommunications evolution of computers computer fundamentals computer software iot emerging technologies 10 gigabit ethernet gigabit ethernet fast ethernet standard ethernet wired lans – ethernet protocol packet switching external peripherals processor family business models plagiarism ipr blockchain ai computer ethics privacy concerns protecting personal info data privacy common security threats data security search engines online research techniques understanding the internet tcp/ip protocol ip addressing hubs switches routers man wan lan types of networks internet basics presentation database management software spreadsheet word processing file management popular operating systems software application operating systems computer hardware storage devices applications in psychology overview of computer importance of computers application software application in healthcare intelligent monitoring of hi bioinformatics hi standards ai in health informatics hi ethics information security in hi information privacy it tools in healthcare evidence based healthcare quality improvements in hi pdca sqa system effectiveness system evaluation principles of designing hi healthcare data analytics healthcare marketplace cdss ehr key players ehr challenges ehr information retrieval techniqu medical information structurin development models system development system acquisition information systems information and knowledge healthcare data career opportunities forces behind healthinformatic healthcare robotics expert lecture presentation on iot the future of iot analysis of shift counters. seven segment displays ic7495 pseudo-random binary sequence generator applications of shift registers johnson counter ring counter parallel–in parallel–out serial–in parallel–out serial–in serial–out serial shifting parallel and shift registers shift register analysis of counter circuits presettable counter type t-design bushing synchronous counter ic-7493 (4-bit binary counter) asynchronous counter application of flipflops. conversion from one type of flip-flop to another t flip-flop master – slave jk flip-flop race-around condition jk flipflop d flip-fop s-r flip-flop sequential circuits: flip-flop encoders alu decoder demultiplexer multiplexer encoder and decoder: introduction comparator multiplier bcd subtractor binary subtractors excess – 3 adder bcd adder adder arithmetic circuits: introduction code multi-output combinational circuits multi-input code converters design and implementations combinational logic circuits quine mc cluskey method. reduction technique using karnaugh maps – 2/3/4/5/ maxterm and karnaugh maps minterm universal logic gates de morgan’s theorem boolean laws boolean theorems boolean algebra and logic gates bcd and excess – 3 arithmetic. negative number representation binary arithmetic xs-3 code bcd alphanumeric codes number system code conversion covid-19 corona virus stay safe effect on food and fashion post covid-19 bisection method quantitive techniques multimedia technology digital representation of multimedia frequency modu frequency modulation amplitude modulation project scheduling function point estimation cocomo model software engineering project management size & effort estimation projec operating systems fybsc it unit i- introduction to surface design and visible surfaces object rendering computer graphics introduction to the curves introduction to animation introduction to the online marketing introduction to the internet the basics of computer networking system softwares computer organisation mis structure of mis introduction to internet risks & secutiry in e commerce introduction to caat electronic payment systems accounting with tally mobile ip icmpv4 internet protocol forwarding of ip packets ipv4 addressing network layer performance introduction to the network layer: network layer s transmission control protocol user datagram protocol transport layer services bidirectional protocols) selective repeat protocol go-back-n protocol stop-and-wait protocol transport layer protocols (simple protocol introduction to the transport layer: introduction unicast routing protocols. routing algorithms unicast routing: introduction transition from ipv4 to ipv6 icmpv6 protocol ipv6 protocol next generation ip: ipv6 addressing connecting devices and virtual lans. cellular telephony wimax bluetooth ieee 802.11 project wireless lans: introduction channelization controlled access media access control: random access point-to-point protocol. hdlc data link layer protocols data link control: dlc services error detecting codes. error correcting codes forward error correction checksum cyclic codes block coding error detection and correction data link layer design issues introduction to the data link layer: link layer ad structure of a switch circuit switched networks switching: introduction unguided media transmission media: guided media spread spectrum bandwidth utilization: multiplexing and spectrum s analog-to-analog conversion. digital-to-analog conversion transmission modes analog-to-digital conversion digital and analog transmission: digital-to-digita performance. data rate limits transmission impairment digital signals periodic analog signals introduction to physical layer: data and signals the osi model. tcp/ip protocol suite network models: protocol layering standards and administration. internet history network types networks introduction: data communications characteristics and quality attributes of embedded risc and cisc controllers core of embedded systems: microprocessors and micr applications and purpose of embedded systems classifications history introduction: embedded systems and general purpose domain specific - automotive. embedded systems – application and domain specific flash memory. crc memory testing types of ram and rom rom memory – ram interrupt map i/o map embedded hardware: memory map timer driver - watchdog timers device driver peripherals: control and status registers embedded hardware external memory. and circuits ports input/output pins overview of 8051 family. 8051 microcontroller hard the 8051 microcontrollers: microcontrollers and em designing embedded system with 8051 microcontrolle linking and debugging. compiling infinite loop structure of embedded program selection process of an rtos. real-time characteristics types of operating systems real time operating system (rtos): operating syste emulator and debugging simulator disassembler/ de-compiler types of file generated on cross compilation design and development: embedded system developmen html internet and the world wide web incorporating sound and video html5 page layout and navigation html forms creating tables regexp string object number math function date boolean array core javascript properties and methods applet image anchor area link document document and its associated objects events and event handlers java script: introduction functions termination looping branching control structures types comments php syntax and variables php integrating web forms and databases advanced php and mysql map dissemination map cosmetics the cartographic toolbox the visualization process visualization strategie data visualization gis and maps gis and application models overlay functions classification and measurement spatial data analysis classification of analytical satellite-based positioning spatial referencing and positioning point data transformation data preparation data quality data entry and preparation spatial data inpu gis and spatial databases database management systems stages of spatial data handling data management and processing systems hardware an organizing and managing spatial data the temporal computer representations of geographic information geographic information and spatial database models the real world and representations of it a gentle introduction to gis the nature of gi ethics moving to manufacture techniques for writing embedded code constrained application protocol. extensible messaging and presence protocol mq telemetry transport prototyping online components prototyping the physical design prototyping embedded devices thinking about prototyping internet principles design principles for connected devices the internet of things: an overview
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