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Dogs Of The World - Happy World Animal Day

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We couldn't find better way to celebrate World Animal Day, that is on 4 October, than with these gorgeous images that sum up all the dog breeds around the world by country or region.
Pet industry is on the rise in recent years, and continues to grow. You'll find some interesting statistics about it, and after that all you need to do is enjoy the stunning images.

Little extra info so you'll be able to absolutely enjoy the images:
Eastern European dogs: Komondor - Hungary, Puli - Hungary, Karakachan - Bulgaria, Cuvac - Slovak Republic, Cesky Terrier - Czech Republic, Transylvanian Hound - Romania, Pumi - Hungary, Vizsla - Hungary, Mudi - Hungary

Iberian dogs: From Spain: Ibizan Hound, Galgo Espanol Spanish Greyhound, Estrela Mountain Dog, Pachon Navarro, Spanish Mastiff, Andalusian Hound. From Portugal: Portuguese Water Dog, Portuguese Podengo, Cao De Serra De Aires, Portuguese Sheepdog.

Mediterranean dogs: Cretan Hound - Greece, Italian Greyhound - Greece/Turkey, Maltese - Malta, Sarplaninac - Albania/Macedonia, Neapolitan Mastiff - Italy, Tornjak - Bosnia, Lagotto Romagnolo - Italy, Cane Corso - Italy, Dalmatian - Croatia, Pharoah Hound/Kalb Tal-Fenek - Malta. *Disclaimer: The Dalmatian may or may not be Croatian as Wikipedia says it is.

Nordic dogs: Broholmer - Denmark, Vallhund - Sweden, Lapphund - Sweden, Jamthund - Sweden, Lundehund - Norway, Hamiltonstovare - Sweden, Karelian Bear Dog - Finland, Dunker - Norway.

Asian dogs: Akita - Japan, Shar Pei - China, Chin - Japan, Shih-Tzu - China, Shiba-Inu - Japan, Pug - China, Indog - India, Pekingese - China, Formosan Mountain Dog - Taiwan, Jindo - Korea, Chow Chow - China.

Middle Eastern dogs: Akbash/Anatolian Shepherd - Turkey, Canaan Dog - Israel, Kangal - Turkey, Afghan Hound - Afghanistan.

African dogs: Sloughi - North Africa, Coton De Tulear - Madagascar, Saluki - Egypt, Africanis - South Africa, Basenji - Congo, Aidi - Morocco, Azawakh - Morocco/Tunisia, Boerboel - South Africa, Rhodesian Ridgeback - Rhodesia.

We wish you a Happy World Animal Day!

We're very grateful for Haiku Deck, it's a great tool to create astonishing presentations.

Also would like you to know that the animated images are from doggiedrawings.net by the talented Lili Chin. You can follow her on Twitter: @lilita_yaya

You can check out our website and services on www.fastupfront.com, and you can follow us on:
Twitter @FastUpFront
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Dogs Of The World - Happy World Animal Day

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