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Garion hall adult_industry_lift_feb_2013_v1.2

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An overview of the adult industry's themes, the future, and how they may relate to mainstream business.

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Garion hall adult_industry_lift_feb_2013_v1.2

  1. 1. 2013: Themes in the adult industry Garion Hall, abbywinters.com CEO
  2. 2. abbywinters.com• Typical office (sorry!)• Product Owner in Agile Scrum team• Wholesome and natural approach• Focus on social responsibility • Staff and models • Customers, industry, society• Enormously profitable 2004 – 2009.
  3. 3. Platform Content Adult industry Traffic Billing
  4. 4. Platform ContentDefinition: Platform Adult Traffic Billing• Case study, traditional pay-site• Packaging• Subscription-based• SKU-based.
  5. 5. Platform ContentDefinition: Traffic Adult Traffic Billing• Traffic is eyeballs• Basic SEO matters• Own the traffic, make the money• Build networks of pay sites• Social networks are ineffective.
  6. 6. Platform ContentDefinition: Content Adult Traffic Billing• Traditional content still sells• “User generated content” concept• Conversions are the key measure• Conversion matters, but retention is key• Strong reliance on Affiliates – up to 70% of sales, 50% cut• Mini case study: life-selector.com• Traffic becomes the real content (conversion, not retention).
  7. 7. Platform ContentDefinition: Billing Adult Traffic Billing• Credit-card is still king • Who here does not have a credit card?• “alternate payment methods”: EU, BRIC • Jury out: increase the pie, or just adding more slices?• Mobile network billing• Micropayments is the killer-app.
  8. 8. Bringing it together: Three case studies• Cams and dating• “Tube Sites”• Mobile Platform Content Adult Traffic Billing
  9. 9. Case study: Cams and dating • Women with webcams Cams • Customers pay-per-minute • More for 1:1, less for spying, free for group chat • Women paid to participate and flirt (or, free access) • Some are “bots”; some real womenDating • Extremely nichified (eg, disabled, Hindi, Jewish, etc) • Pay to join, and make contact attempts • Main focus of users is sex.
  10. 10. Platform Content• Heavy web dev investment • User generated!• 100’s of devs• White-labelled Cams and datingTraffic Billing• Extensive buying • Primarily credit card • Attractive usage patterns • Retention increases if more women on site.
  11. 11. Case study: “tube” sites• Emulate YouTube design pattern• Initially accepted stolen content• Now, Affiliates for pay sites (50%) submit
  12. 12. Platform Content• One company bought up majors • “User” generated• Using mish-mash of platforms • Free to visitors Tube sitesTraffic Billing• Word-of-mouth • Ad revenue• Compelling value proposition • Sticky audience • Free to consumers
  13. 13. Platform Content• Websites for smart phones • Bland• (Not tablets) • Low quality• Limited adult apps allowed • 3rd party MobileTraffic Billing• Bought from sites’ type-ins on • Mobile provider mobile devices • Up to 70% goes to carrier• Redirected
  14. 14. Applying these concepts elsewhere• Not unique to adult industry• Business models are driven hard and fast • Quickly discarded if unsuccessful • Low quality code, lack of completeness• “Marketplace model” rising in popularity: airbnb.com.
  15. 15. The future?• More personal interactions• Less-piratable content• Less fragmentation• Boutique sites will flourish• Micropayments.
  16. 16. The future?• Increase in free content• Reduction in creative quality• Increase in technical quality• Less money for performers and producers.
  17. 17. Thanks!• Preso and links available on slideshare.com• garion.hall@abbywinters.com