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A Blacksmith Makes Their Own Tools

A talk I prepared for this year's class on the IPA Excellence Diploma, on innovation, information, strategic design, and making tools that help you work through that process. It's mapping out a journey from when I did the course myself, through the interim thinking and ideas behind Smithery, up to the end of last year.

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A Blacksmith Makes Their Own Tools

  1. smithery.com A blacksmith makes their own tools Innovation, Strategic Design, and life after the IPA Excellence Diploma John V Willshire Thursday 23rd January 2020
  2. smithery.com Part 1 2007-2011
  3. smithery.com
  4. smithery.com Head of Innovation, 2007 “The creation and cultivation of ideas through the study of technological, social and cultural trends”
  5. smithery.com Not Head of Futures
  6. smithery.com The IPA Excellence Diploma 2007/8
  7. smithery.com “I believe…”
  8. smithery.com Assembling a point of view September 2009
  9. smithery.com IPA Excellence Diploma Thesis, 2008
  10. smithery.com
  11. smithery.com
  12. smithery.com
  13. smithery.com
  14. smithery.com
  15. smithery.com The Communis Manifesto 1. Create inner belief 2. Spread the word 3. Build relationships 4. Create community spaces 5. Allow messages to travel
  16. smithery.com Work gets more interesting
  17. smithery.com Work gets more interesting
  18. smithery.com So why leave?
  19. smithery.com Where am I going with this..? November 2010August 2009April 2008 https://www.slideshare.net/gamages/going-out-the-new-staying-in/20-spot https://www.slideshare.net/gamages/advertising-fireworks-social-bonfires https://www.slideshare.net/gamages/the-social-lego-principles https://www.slideshare.net/gamages/the-planners-book-of-things-to-make July 2009
  20. smithery.com What do people come here for?
  21. smithery.com Where does everybody go..?
  22. smithery.com Part 2 2011-2014
  23. smithery.com “Making is Thinking” The Craftsman Richard Sennett
  24. smithery.com Campaign, July 7th, 2011 "Called Smithery, the business will look to work with clients on brand and service innovation, community initiatives, crowdsourcing projects and marketing and media strategy.”
  25. smithery.comFirst client
  26. smithery.com December 2011
  27. smithery.com From ‘The Craftsman’, 3rd March 2012
  28. smithery.com
  29. smithery.com 4th April 2012
  30. smithery.com 12th September 2012 29th September 2012
  31. smithery.com What can it mean?
  32. smithery.com Making is Marketing
  33. smithery.com “The principal task of the marketing function is not so much to be skilful in making the customer do what suits the interests of the business, as to be skilled in conceiving and then making the business do what suits the interests of the customer”. John McKitterick, GE, 1957
  34. smithery.com “No honest craftsman or maker knows in the process of working whether he is making or creating” Joseph Brodsky
  35. smithery.com “Sending out probes”
  36. smithery.com
  37. smithery.com What are things made of? https://www.instructables.com/id/A-sandstone-block-built-from-lego-blending-real-o/
  38. smithery.com
  39. smithery.com connective objects that transfer knowledge through time and space What is media? From “Are Brands Fracking The Social Web”, 2013
  40. smithery.com The Hollow Factory
  41. smithery.com make brand really interesting make product very efficiently OPPOSING INNOVATION FORCES
  42. smithery.com What do we know about people?
  43. smithery.com
  44. smithery.com “Data is the new oil"
  45. smithery.com “Everyone’s looking for a crutch to lean on, and it’s easier to lean on quant data.” Louise Flett, InklingCC
  46. smithery.com “It was on Pollfish, which is fairly reliable given what I was willing to spend on it at the time” Sam Conniff, recently…
  47. smithery.com Assume data to be worthless unless you can prove otherwise
  48. smithery.com The rise in ‘ethnography’…
  49. smithery.com “The better you know the current state of things and why they’re like that, the better you will be positioned to innovate.” Erika Hall
  50. smithery.com What do people want?
  51. smithery.com Doyle’s three stages Foraging, Farming, Mining
  52. smithery.com Existing Needs Latent Needs Incipient Needs
  53. smithery.com Existing = Foraging Latent = Farming Incipient = Mining
  54. smithery.com It can mean lots of things…
  55. smithery.com Language as a tool
  56. smithery.com “the limits of our language are the limits of our world” January 2013 Ludwig Wittgenstein Broadening the toolkit
  57. smithery.com “Smithery 3.0”
  58. smithery.com Part 3 2015-2019
  59. smithery.com “The blacksmith makes his own tools” Intuition Pumps Daniel C. Dennett
  60. smithery.com let's start with this…
  61. smithery.com Jean Tinguely 1925-1991
  62. smithery.com If you stare long enough, you see how it works http://www.vernissage.tv
  63. smithery.com What are the underlying mechanics of this?
  64. smithery.com What happens to things when things happen to them?
  65. smithery.com Metamechanics Movement Maps Loops Layers
  66. smithery.com Movement
  67. smithery.com Card Mechanics
  68. smithery.com The creative quartet https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9dIQOrVhM5E - Prof. John Wood, TED, on Synergies Prof. John Wood 1 2 3 45 6
  69. smithery.com
  70. smithery.com Konica Minolta A toolkit for the digital workplace 2015
  71. smithery.comWhat makes these things different? What makes these things the same? Maps
  72. smithery.com Innovation & Future Thinking Summer Course
  73. smithery.com
  74. smithery.com
  75. smithery.com BIG SMALL COLD HOT
  76. smithery.com Maps help us see things we haven’t yet seen
  77. smithery.com Dmitri Mendeleev
  78. smithery.com
  79. smithery.com LEGO Customer Service persona mapping 2016
  80. smithery.com LEGO Customer Service Persona Mapping 2016
  81. smithery.com Loops
  82. smithery.com
  83. smithery.com “The highest technique is to have no technique” Bruce Lee
  84. smithery.com JEET KUNE DO The way of the intercepting fist
  85. smithery.com “…it is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one's back” Bruce Lee
  86. smithery.com
  87. smithery.com
  88. smithery.com
  89. smithery.com
  90. smithery.com
  91. smithery.com
  92. smithery.com
  93. smithery.com
  94. smithery.com Multiple interpretation loops
  95. smithery.com Layers
  96. smithery.com but this year…
  97. smithery.com 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
  98. smithery.com
  99. smithery.com
  100. smithery.com
  101. smithery.com SLOW FAST FAST SLOW
  102. smithery.com
  103. smithery.com
  104. smithery.com THE GEARBOX
  105. smithery.com THE GEARBOX
  106. smithery.com SLOWFAST PEOPLE
  108. smithery.com SLOWFAST SPACE
  111. smithery.com “The quick processes provide originality and challenge, while the slow provide continuity and restraint” Stewart Brand
  112. smithery.com What happens here?
  113. smithery.com
  114. smithery.com
  115. smithery.com DesignPrototype CultureStrategy A library is everything that is between the covers, but not on the pages
  116. smithery.com Design Prototyping Culture Strategy
  117. smithery.com 善狐
  118. smithery.com p s
  119. smithery.com Sketch
  120. smithery.com Scaffold Sketch
  121. smithery.com Structure Scaffold Sketch
  122. smithery.com p s
  123. smithery.com Laseau’s Funnel
  124. smithery.com p s
  125. smithery.com Team
  126. smithery.com Qual Team
  127. smithery.com Quant Qual Team
  128. smithery.com Development… Research… p s
  129. smithery.com p s
  130. smithery.com p s Emotion Mapping - Ella Saltmarshe & John V Willshire
  131. smithery.com
  132. smithery.com Unstructured The Sandpit The Towers of Industry The Souk The Cantina The High Council The Data Mines The Sprawl Structured Inward Looking The Guildhall Outward Looking The People’s Palace
  133. smithery.com The Cantina Core Team Partners Public SketchScaffoldStructure The Guildhall The Sandpit The Towers of Industry The Souk The High Council The Colosseum The Sprawl The People’s Palace
  134. smithery.com The Colosseum Core Team Partners Public SketchScaffoldStructure The Guildhall The Sandpit The Towers of Industry The Souk The Cantina The High Council The Sprawl The People’s Palace
  135. smithery.com The Colosseum The Cantina Core Team Partners Public SketchScaffoldStructure The Guildhall The Sandpit The Towers of Industry The Souk The High Council The Sprawl The People’s Palace 1 2 1 3 4 5 1 3 2 4 5 1 3 2 4 51 3 2 4 5 0 1 3 2 4 5 0 5 3 4 2 1
  136. smithery.com The Colosseum The Cantina Core Team Partners Public SketchScaffoldStructure The Guildhall The Sandpit The Towers of Industry The Souk The High Council The Sprawl The People’s Palace 1 3 2 4 5 0 (re)construction
  137. smithery.com The Colosseum The Cantina Core Team Partners Public SketchScaffoldStructure The Guildhall The Sandpit The Towers of Industry The Souk The High Council The Sprawl The People’s Palace Catalyst events Data driven? Partner opinion? Personally driven?
  138. smithery.com “Mapping is a social practice of sensemaking that shifts from individual cognition to shared understanding” Roser Pujadas, LSE
  139. smithery.com Let’s play…
  140. smithery.com Pick a project that didn’t go as well as you’d hoped… Identify five key pivotal moments Write out each stage on a card
  141. smithery.com p s In teams of 4-5, map out your projects, one at a time
  142. smithery.com p s Name a particularly interesting cluster or two
  143. smithery.com Now, pick a cluster Try and create something that may address the issues there…
  144. smithery.com
  145. smithery.com p s A framework for a learning organisation
  146. smithery.com
  147. smithery.com How things work round here
  148. smithery.com Issues Identifying the problem spaces
  149. smithery.com Issues Interventions By design or deployment
  150. smithery.com
  151. smithery.com 0-30 days 30-60 days 60-90 days Collection of Instances Review of issues Design of Interventions
  152. smithery.com p s
  153. smithery.com 善狐 ?
  154. smithery.com 善狐
  155. smithery.com
  156. smithery.com Domains Resources Interactions
  157. smithery.com Learn to adapt to any surroundings
  158. smithery.com
  159. smithery.com In conclusion…
  160. smithery.com “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe” John Muir
  161. smithery.com Strategic Design bridges disciplines and departments, roles and responsibilities. It is concerned with the factors around a thing, not just the thing itself.
  162. smithery.com Everything is connected But can be separated with the right tools
  163. smithery.com Tools can be lingual
  164. smithery.com Tools can be spatial 3. Embodiment 1. High Consequences 2. Rich Environment
  165. smithery.com Tools can be procedural
  166. smithery.com Tools can be fractal p s
  167. smithery.com Tools can be provocative
  168. smithery.com Tools can be playful
  169. smithery.com Tools can be practical
  170. smithery.com Tools can be actual
  171. smithery.com DesignPrototype CultureStrategy Tools can be learned, found, connected, separated…
  172. smithery.com Make Copy Iterate Borrow Fuse Learn Reinvent your own tools
  173. smithery.com If you can separate anything, you can see everything
  174. smithery.com Thank you, and good luck John V Willshire john@smithery.com @willsh