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Virtual Cluster rev 2

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For the location of business, company and university research activities, and of manufacturing, distribution, and marketing the dependency to physical place is reduced via increasingly cheaper ICT. Researches work together over the Internet, regardless of where they are. For companies, each activity may take place in a different location: R&D, design, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and marketing.

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Virtual Cluster rev 2

  1. 1. Virtual Cluster InitiativeJeffrey KleinpeterVirtuelle Cluster InitiativeStuttgart, Germany
  2. 2. Jeffrey Kleinpeter Virtuelle Cluster Initiative Stuttgart, Germany Why Join? Virtual Cluster Initiative03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 2
  3. 3. Is it new? Is it innovative? I already have a website. I already have a Social Network account. I already have a Professional Business Network account. I am already ……………………. Take a look03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 3
  4. 4. Presents & Network Website: Social Networkhttp://www.virtuelle-cluster-initiative.de/start/ Professional Business Network03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 4
  5. 5. Cloud Computing There are many types of public cloud computing: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Platform as a service (PaaS) Software as a service (SaaS) Network as a service (NaaS) Storage as a service (STaaS) Security as a service (SECaaS) Data as a service (DaaS) Desktop as a service (DaaS - see above) Database as a service (DBaaS) Test environment as a service (TEaaS) API as a service (APIaaS) Backend as a service (BaaS) Integrated development environment as a service (IDEaaS) Integration platform as a service (IPaaS), see Cloud-based integration03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 5
  6. 6. Video Conferencing Multipoint videoconferencing allows three or more participants to sit in a virtual conference room and communicate as if they were sitting right next to each other. Until the mid 90s, the hardware costs madeCan be used to: videoconferencing prohibitively expensive for most organizations, but that situation isenhance cross-boarderCollaboration, changing rapidly. Many analysts believe thatResearch and Development, videoconferencing will be one of the fastest-Online Training, growing segments of the computer industryCustomer-Relationship- in the latter half of the decade.Management (CRM ) 03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 6
  7. 7. What does the Virtual Cluster Initiative offer that is better or more innovative?03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 7
  8. 8. Advantages of the Virtual Cluster InitiativeWe have combined all Information andCommunicate Technologies on a centralizedplatform. We have integrated the possibility of Participants to present themselves in a 3D Virtual environment on a centralized platform. Professional Business Network, integrated Social Network, Cloud Computing, Video Conferencing (VOIP) on a centralized platform. It can enable the corporation to bring further leverage to its tangible and non-tangible assets. It can enable the members to leverage the purchasing power of its members and Negotiates discounts, creating real quantitative value.03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 8
  9. 9. The Concept of Strength in numbers Creating real value by leveraging the numbers in purchasing co-operations03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 9
  10. 10. All on a centralized platform. Cloud Computing Professional NetworkVideo Conferencing 03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 10
  11. 11. Go International VCI Russia VCI VCI Germany USA VCI VCI Australia Slovenia VCI Serbia VCI South America each Exhibition (Virtual Environment ) is represented by one Project Manager03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 11
  12. 12. Virtual Cluster Initiative03.02.2013 12 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com©
  13. 13. Hall Configuration03.02.2013 13 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com©
  14. 14. Booth ConfigurationCorporate Design / Behind each Presentation Contact InfoCorporate Identity (CI) Screen - Data or Booth Spot Choose Exhibition Language Buttons to: Website Social Media Visiting Card E-mail 03.02.2013 14 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com©
  15. 15. Information and Communication VideosDocuments Online PDF, ConferencesPower Point VOIP Short description of the Documents03.02.2013 15 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com©
  16. 16. Centralized Platform03.02.2013 16 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com©
  17. 17. It is not just an Exhibition it‘s an Interactive Experience It is the way that it is put to use crowd accelerated innovation "Virtual Launch Center" Virtual Customer Day Product Launch Online training and virtual training Virtual Briefing Center Online Career and Job Fairs03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 17
  18. 18. Objectives increase the level of exposure maximize activities and bridge distances in real-time the virtual show can be viewed decentralized by anyone from anywhere in the world. Consult from Anywhere. Keep clients up to date while avoiding costly on-site visits. Securely share documents, designs and project plans online. Use Drawing Tools to highlight main ideas on-screen. Increase Sales Easily collaborate with remote team members. Integrate online meetings into your regular in-person meetings. Complete projects faster by holding online review sessions. Reduce Training Costs. Update remote customers and employees without travelling. Host training sessions more frequently – at the same low rate. Provide hands-on experience by sharing keyboard and mouse control. Provide Online Support. Share your clients desktop to resolve technical issues. Collaborate with colleagues on a customers problem.03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 18
  19. 19. What are the next steps?1. Contact: info@virtuelle-cluster-initiative.de request for further information2. Choose an Exhibition Hall (by more than 10 Exhibition booths your own Hall name)3. Choose an Exhibition booth Template4. Fill out: Exhibitor Ordering Requirements on page 115. Send the info an: info@virtuelle-cluster-initiative.de6. Within two working days you will receive a User Name and Password for you to Jeffrey KleinpeterFurchgasse 774321 Bietigheim-BissingenTel.: 07142 – 921 952Mobil: 0157-81781516e-mail: info@virtuelle-cluster-initiative.deHomepage: http://www.virtuelle-cluster-initiative.deExhibition: http://www.virtuelle-cluster-initiative.com03.02.2013 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com© 19
  20. 20. Thank you for your attention Virtual Cluster Initiative03.02.2013 20 www.Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiative.com©