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Wrb Netherlands_Programme update_May 2013

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WrB Netherlands is set to offer the first post-election, exclusive and in- depth focus on the Dutch gambling regulatory changes, including a multi- dimensional view of both the reforms of the current gambling market and the future regulation of iGaming following the official publication of the draft legislation by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security in May.

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Wrb Netherlands_Programme update_May 2013

  1. 1. Forging a MutuallyBeneficial DutchRoute to iGamingRegulation andthe Reform of theGambling Market16thMay 2013WrBNetherlandsFor more information and to register your place visit wrbriefing.com/netherlands
  2. 2. ProgrammeForging a mutually beneficial Dutch route to iGaming regulation and thereform of the Gambling marketWrB Netherlands is set to offer the first post-election, exclusive and in-depth focus on the Dutch gambling regulatory changes, including a multi-dimensional view of both the reforms of the current gambling market andthe future regulation of iGaming following the official publication of the draftlegislation by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security in April.Welcome08:00 Registration09:00 Chairman’s Opening RemarksJustin Franssen, Partner, Kalff Katz & Franssen Attorneys at lawUNDERSTAND THE DUTCH POLICY FRAMEWORKUNDERLYING GAMBLING & iGAMING REGULATION09:10 Keynote address: creating a modernregulatory framework for iGaming in the Netherlands– announcing the draft iGaming legislation and thetaxation model chosen for the NetherlandsIssues to be suggested for discussion by the Secretary:• Announcing the chosen regulatory model• Underlying considerations in drafting the regulatory framework• Key objectives to be achieved through the regulatory framework• Discussing the key challenges in the regulatory process• Key challenges to tackle following the publication of the draft regulatoryframework• Discussing the decision behind the gaming products permitted throughthe new regulatory framework• The tax model and its implication for the gaming industrySpeakers to be announced soon09:30 Political views on gambling and iGaming inthe Netherlands – assessing whether a mutuallybeneficial route to regulation has been forged tobenefit the consumers, the State and the operators• Political responses to the suggested legislative framework on iGaming• Timeline for future developments and the current issues the Dutchparliament needs to debate and decide on• Formulating effective enforcement measures to safeguard the consumer- is the consumer sufficiently protected?• Key views on responsible gaming – assessing what needs to be done toachieve the policy objectives to protect vulnerable consumers• Maintaining the well-established charitable causes in the Netherlands –assessing how the draft regulatory framework will achieve this objective• Discussing tax models: what are the differing views on the chosen taxsystem of the gaming industry and what is the reasoning behind them?Speakers to be announced soon10:30 Morning refreshments and networkingENVISIONING THE IMPLEMENTION OF THEREGULATORY FRAMEWORK10:45 Understanding the new Dutch GamingAuthority and its role in enforcing the regulatoryframework• Assessing the suggested regulatory model and taking into account theexperiences of other regulators across Europe – sharing the Danishexperience• Structure of the Authority and its powers• 2 months on – the Authority’s approach to the Dutch gamblingregulations• Integrating the responsible gaming criteria and enforcing the measurestaken to protect the consumer• The Authority’s approach to the operators – challenges incommunicating with the international and local operatorsBenjamin Jansen, Deputy Director Sanctions and Prevention Policy,Ministry of Security and Justice NetherlandsPaul Tang, Board Member, Dutch Gaming AuthorityTina R Olsen, Head of Legal Division, Danish Gambling AuthorityEric van Vondelen, Consultant & Director, Eric van VondelenConsultancy (Secretary of the former Netherlands GamingControl Board)Moderator: Wes Himes, Managing Partner, Policy Action11:30 Achieving responsible gaming in a complexmulti-distribution channel environmentDoes the new draft framework effectively protect the consumer andensure a responsible gaming environment through all gaming channels?• The strengths and weaknesses of the framework for safeguarding the players• Key considerations which still need to be raised and taken into accountYvon Jansma, Director, Yvon Jansma ConsultingJoachim Häusler, Responsible Gambling Manager, bwin.partyModerator: Pieter Remmers, Director, Assissa Consultancy Europe12:15 Presentation: taxation models - finding theoptimal model for the government and the operators• How adequate and necessary is the chosen tax model in the draftregulatory framework?• What are the potential complications and effects on the market stemmingfrom the suggested tax model?Frans Duynstee, Managing Partner, VMW TaxandVictoria Daniels, Head of International and Regulatory Tax, BetfairYour partner in gambling regulatorychange across the worldTotally Gaming
  3. 3. For the full speaker list and more information go to wrbriefing.com/netherlandsSpeakers include:13:00 Networking lunch break14:00 Building a regulatory framework with robustand effective compliance and technical standards• Learning from international compliance and security providers to ensurea safe transition to online gaming with effective compliance measures inplace• Understanding best practices from other jurisdictions and applying themto the Dutch context – what are the key issues which must be taken intoconsideration?• The timeline for developing the secondary legislation on compliance andtechnical standards• Knowing the product requirements ahead of your (re-)launch on theDutch marketJohn van Schaijk, Technical Director, GLI EuropeModerator: Roger Parkes, Director, Gambling Integrity Services REFORMING THE DUTCH GAMBLING MARKET &HARNESSING THE COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES14:45 Presentation: New entrants to the iGamingmarket in the Netherlands - exploring the opportunityfor partnerships in the field of sports and media withthe gaming sector• Analysing the advertising & marketing regulations available to operators• Assessing the new opportunities for partnerships with sports clubs andmedia organisations – knowing the do’s and don’ts part of your Dutchmarketing strategyJurian van der Meer, Managing Director, Endemol GamesChris Woerts, CEO, CWO Consulting15:30 Afternoon networking break16:00 Reforming the local Dutch gambling industry– considering the advantages and disadvantages forthe local stakeholders• How will the draft regulatory framework affect each sector of theindustry?• The implications of iGaming regulation in the Netherlands for the localindustryBenjamin JansenDeputy DirectorSanctions ansPrevention PolicyMinistry of Securityand Justice,NetherlandsEwout KeuleersGeneral CounselUnibetTjeerd VeenstraDirectorDe LottoPaul TangBoard MemberDutch GamingAuthorityEric OldersCEOJVH GamingTina R OlsenHead of Legal DivisionDanish GamblingAuthority• The structure of Holland casino and the appropriate path to itsprivatisation• The implications of the possible privatization of Holland casino –the advantages and disadvantages for the local and internationalstakeholders• Timeline for developments, key outstanding issues to decide on until 2015• The lotteries: assessing the challenges in a changing commerciallandscape• The opportunities for partnerships between the arcade casino industryand their transition to the online model (if they are permitted to – how willthey approach it? In groups of 5/6 operators applying for one licence orindividually? – commercial strategy)• The monopoly on horserace betting and the expected impact of anopen marketEric Olders, CEO, JVH Gaming Eugène van ’t Hooft, Director, VAN Tjeerd Veenstra, Director, De Lotto Marieke van Schaik, Managing Director, National Postcode Lottery Moderator: Justin Franssen, Partner, Kalff Katz & FranssenAttorneys at law16:45 Assessing the commercial viability ofoperating in the Dutch market under the new draftregulatory framework• Suggested tax model and the viability of operating on the Dutch market• Key challenges which could arise from the suggested regulatory model• Continuing to participate in the ‘sector proposal initiative’: establishingbetter communication with the local industry and the potential for buildingunderstanding between the regulator, government officials, land-basedand remote industries• How can all sectors co-exist, operate profitably, provide value andresponsible gaming to players and revenue for the government?• Expectations for the future and next key steps to take in the NetherlandsWard Homminga, Director Business Development and Public Affairs,Sportech PlcAnnemiek Hoogenboom, Country Director, NovamediaEwout Keuleers, General Counsel, UnibetMalcolm Graham, CEO, PKRModerator: Hans Anker, General Secretary, Goede Doelen Platform17:30 Chairman’s closing remarksJustin Franssen, Partner, Kalff Katz & Franssen Attorneys at lawYour partner in gambling regulatorychange across the worldTotally Gaming
  4. 4. Register online atwww.wrbriefing.com/netherlands(quickest and easiest way to book)Call our WrB delegatesales team on+44 (0)20 7384 8113Send an email toshane.mortimer@clarionevents.com3 ways to register3Sponsor WrB Netherlands to:Build and enhance your image as the most trusted, first choice solution provider and problem-solver of the commercialchallenges experienced by the global iGaming brandsPosition yourself in front of the gaming industry’s upper management decision-makers and carve your space on the Dutchmarket by offering them your advice and solutionsShowcase your thought leadership and cement your industry-leading expertise paving the way for the operators to formthe serious local and international partnerships they need in their efforts to capture the Dutch marketContact us to find out how we can help you achieve your objectives in The Netherlands:Donna Oliver: +44 (0)20 7384 8107 • donna.oliver@clarionevents.comCheryl Cheong: +44(0)20 7384 8108 • cheryl.cheong@clarionevents.com21All prices are per delegate Standard rate(expires 03/05/13)Late/onsite rate(expires 04/05/13)WrB Netherlands delegate rate €799 €899VAT is payable on all bookings in accordance with the tax law in The Netherlands at 21%16thMay 2013WrBNetherlandsFor more information about the WrB series please visitwww.wrbriefing.comWrB Series Supporting Sponsor:Totally GamingLead Legal Sponsor of WrB Netherlands:By registering for both WrB Netherlands(16th May, The Hague) and WrB Germany(27th June, Frankfurt) delegates willreceive a 10% discount on booking.