Mastering Feedback: You, the Team, the Product

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Design Remote: The Async Advantage

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Foundations of Chat Bot Design

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New Managers: Good Intentions, Half Delegation

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Design without Ego — TEDxBologna Talk

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Designing Inclusive Open Source Communities

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The Making of WordPress·com Calypso: A Team Perspective

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Teamwork at the Extremes: and UX for Good

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Distributed Companies: A Team Perspective

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The Shift: UX Designer as Business Consultant (2016)

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Social Brand Experience: a model for the sociality of brands

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Introduction to Building Wireframes (with Keynote)

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The Six Elements of Focus to Improve Your Craft

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Kickstarting Design Thinking

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Grow Your Personal Leadership with Your Hybrid Traits

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The Thought Pump Model for Meditation

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Design with Personas: A Lean Approach

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Gestalt Design Principles for Developers

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The shift: UX Designers as Business Consultants

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