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A Fun, Fit Future - SXSW Future 15 Talk - Florian Gschwandtner - Runtastic

People don’t take spin class because they want to ride crappy trainers. They go because misery loves company and, for 60 minutes, someone’s there to hold them accountable. From Pilates to Plyometrics, people know that workouts are more fun – and more productive – with others.

When food became social, we got Yelp. When journalism became social, we got Twitter.

The narrative for fitness now is “workout with others, even when you’re by yourself.” For apps to compete with gyms and trainers, it comes down to a simple thought: it’s about people, not gadgets. And the tech companies that best connect users will be the winners in this crowded space.

This Future15 talk will explain how fitness apps and wearable devices can engage and connect users. With new and unique ways to share workouts and motivate, track, and cheer friends and family from anywhere, Florian Gschwandtner, CEO of Runtastic, will provide an exciting preview into the future of social for fitness.

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A Fun, Fit Future - SXSW Future 15 Talk - Florian Gschwandtner - Runtastic

  1. 1. AUSTRIANS KNOW FITNESS Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  2. 2. AUSTRIANS KNOW FITNESS Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  3. 3. WHY I„M HERE • Austrians know fitness • Founded Runtastic 4.5 years ago • Passionate about fitness and social media • Industry is booming, innumerous trends • Critically important topic Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  4. 4. AUSTIN, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! 35.7% of U.S. adults are obese 80% of adults are not getting enough exercise 26 million people in the U.S. have diabetes Weight loss industry has an annual revenue of $20 billion 1 in 3 American children is overweight or obese, triple the rate in 1963 Most dieters make four to five “attempts” per year and fail The reality is frightening. How did we get here? Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  5. 5. HOW DID WE GET HERE Lifestyle Change Car + Office Fast Food Culture Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  6. 6. HEALTH & FITNESS APP EXPLOSION Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  7. 7. WHERE WE„RE AT TECHNICALLY Tracking data Current Activity stats Intelligent real time coaching Future Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  8. 8. WHERE WE„RE AT SOCIALLY • Group fitness classes • Social sharing of health & fitness activities at alltime high • Tons of Health & Fitness apps and products • A wide variety of companies doing great things, changing lives • • • • Runtastic MyFitnessPal LifeFitness Pebble Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  9. 9. CURRENT TRENDS Rise of Wearables + Quantified Self Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  10. 10. WEARABLES 2014 17m activity trackers will be sold in 2014 Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  11. 11. FITNESS IS SOCIAL WHAT„S NEXT? Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  12. 12. GYMS AREN„T SOCIAL ENOUGH Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  13. 13. SOCIAL RUNNING / COMPETITION http://www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/ Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  14. 14. SOCIAL GYM @ LIVING ROOM 122 bpm Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  15. 15. SOCIAL INTERACTION WHEN NEEDED Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  16. 16. NEW TECHNOLOGIES & SMART TRAINING Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner
  17. 17. Contact details Florian Gschwandtner CEO & Co-founder florian.gschwandtner@runtastic.com http://runtastic.com @f_gschwandtner facebook.com/florian.gschwandtner Instagram: f_gschwandtner http://runtastic.com/apps 18 Florian Gschwandtner - @f_gschwandtner