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Qdc Sales Kit

Our client requested an impressive sales kit to offer potential investors... these are the solutions my team and I presented.

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Qdc Sales Kit

  1. 2. In Brief: 4 th of November 2009
  2. 3. QDC (Qassim Development Company) VIP SALES KIT 4 th of November 2009
  3. 4. Creative Solution
  4. 5. Option 1 Proud of our roots
  5. 6. Rationale The people of Qassim Saudi Arabia, are proud of their heritage, their traditions, and their way of life. The name “Qassim” is derived from the word Qassima, meaning the place where the White Saxaul trees grow. Since this kit will be given to businessmen who want to invest in Qassim, we offer them a white saxaul sapling, grown in a traditional Qassimi ceramic pot. This way, the investor will literally see Qassim growing. Option 1
  6. 7. The Kit
  7. 9. Option 2 The Cornerstone
  8. 10. Rationale The investor is the core of our projects, he is both structure and platform, he is the symbol of ability. As the cornerstone holds an arch or an entire building together, so does the investor. He is a main pillar in the project, and a key partner in the enterprise. This solid and strong stone is precisely cut and well sculpted. Thus sending positive reassuring vibes to the mind of a businessman, before he ventures into a new investment. Option 2
  9. 11. The Kit
  10. 14. Option 3 The Halala Coin
  11. 15. Rationale All great things start in their simple basic form. These are the humble beginnings which are most valued. Which is why we chose the smallest part of the Saudi currency, the Halala. This coin might not get you anything, but the fact is, wealth cannot accumulate without it. It is the atom and essence of all investments. It is both fund and turnover in their very basic form. A sufficient reason to hang it on the wall with modesty. Option 3
  12. 16. The Kit
  13. 20. Thank You