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5 signs of a really good pest control company

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Catch-it Pest Control are a London based pest management solution, serving around the clock 365 days a year within the local region. Catch-it supply trustworthy pest management, and deploy the very best cheap solutions for critical pest elimination and management in London. We deal with rat and mouse, fly, flea, cockroach and other insect situations, moth elimination, bed bug treatment, as well as fox, pigeon and squirrel control. We supply pest control East London, North, South, West as well as Central London. We have complete professional insurance coverage, and all our professionals are trained and also completely vetted. To make an appointment, go to our web page at www.pestcontrol4london.co.uk

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5 signs of a really good pest control company

  1. 1. 5 SIGNS OF A REALLY GOOD PEST CONTROL COMPANY 32% 48% Whether you have spotted a rat, found an infestation of ants or can’t get rid of fleas, you need to call in the best pest control experts... OF HOUSEHOLDS SURVEYED THAT EXPERIENCED ANTS CALLED A PROFESSIONAL * BUT WITH SO MANY PEST CONTROL COMPANIES TO CHOOSE FROM, HOW DO YOU KNOW THE BEST ONE TO GO FOR? HERE ARE THE TOP 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO CONSIDER... OF HOMEOWNERS BELIEVE THERE IS AN INCREASED NEED OF PROFESSIONAL PEST SERVICES * 1 It’s important to hire a company that has plenty of experience, and has a track record of dealing with a range of pests, in both domestic and commercial properties. When money is tight, the last thing you need is to fork out more than necessary. Pest control for a comprehensive and through service should always be affordable. 2Experience Expense 3 Lots of pest control companies will keep you waiting. A good firm will have enough man power to always be with you at short notice – ideally within the hour. It’s usually best to bring in a local company to handle your pests. A local firm knows the area and its particular pest issues. They can also get to you quicker. 4Availability 5 A good company will offer expert advice as well as treatment. They should be able to help you identify pests, and recommend ways to prevent pests from returning. Expertise Location WWW.PESTCONTROL4LONDON.CO.UK * source: pestworld.org/request-media-access/pest-facts