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Brother Gemalto

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Brother Gemalto

  1. 1. 20 ppm 20 ppm 20 ppm 20 ppm 64 Mo 20 ppm 20 ppm 64 Mo 64 Mo 128 Mo USB 2.0 128 Mo 20 ppm 64 Mo USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 Ethernet USB 2.0 64 Mo USB 2.0 Ethernet Ethernet Ethernet Wi-Fi Ethernet PCL6 & PS3 Wi-Fi USB 2.0 Ethernet Wi-Fi PCL6 & PS3 PCL6 & PS3 Recto-Verso PCL6 & PS3 Ethernet PCL6 & PS3 PCL6 Recto-Verso Recto-Verso (impression) Recto-Verso PCL6 Recto-Verso Recto-Verso (impression) intégral Chargeur 35 intégral Chargeur 35 Chargeur 50 feuilles Chargeur 50 feuilles Ecran LCD Ecran LCD Ecran LCD feuilles feuilles 33,6 Kbps 33,6 Kbps 2 lignes 2 lignes 2 lignes Ecran LCD Ecran LCD Ecran LCD Ecran LCD USB frontal USB frontal USB frontal 2 lignes 2 lignes 2 lignes 2 lignes
  2. 2. Profitez de la fonction « Scan vers FTP » sur vos multifonctions ! Avec la fonction « Scan vers FTP », préparez vos documents pour la numérisation, sélectionnez le site FTP et numérisez ! Bureau délocalisé Profitez de la fonction « Scan vers Dossiers Partagés » sur vos multifonctions ! Numérisez vos documents directement sur un répertoire partagé sur votre réseau => Un moyen simple et efficace pour mettre à disposition vos Siège documents pour touste
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing is happening 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 6
  4. 4. Spending is increasing Brands are shifting money from underperforming channels to mobile “How much is your projected mobile spending?” (Respondents: Brands) 72% of agencies and 48% of brands have developed mobile campaigns in 2009. Amongst non-mobile marketers, 60% are planning to employ mobile advertising in 2010. Source: Millenial Media, November 2009 survey with 100 leading US advertising agencies Brands plan to spend more in 2010: 13% of respondents said they were spending $5 million or more in 2009 . For 2010, 29% plan to spend $5 million or more. Telcos are deploying mobile marketing, allowing overall spending to grow Global Mobile Advertising spend (bnUS$) Turkcell: 650 campaigns in 2008 Vodafone: generate revenue in 20 countries Claro Brazil: 60 campaigns in 2008 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 7
  5. 5. Marketers are integrating mobile into the media mix Traditional media Web Mobile TV Out- Press Radio Mail Web Email SMS Interactive Mobile Wap Advertising door SMS App Brand awareness Lead generation Purchase CRM Loyalty 15-30% Opt-in * Customer & CTR twice better market research on mobile Promotion 0.2-2% 2-5% 0-3% 1-15% 10-30% Engagement 2-20% 1-2% *CTR: Click-through-Rate 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 8
  6. 6. And Mobile users are open to mobile advertising If marketing solicitations are relevant Open… & rewarded…. 70% of mobile users are open 65% like mobile ads targeted and relevant to mobile advertising (UK) to them. 62% don’t mind or would 64 % of consumers would grant permission to receive mobile ads if they were like to receive relevant mobile ads (US) incentivized. … and if they have control mobile marketing works ! 69% would like to receive mobile ads if 94% users remember the call to action they were in control 65% of respondents want to chose the 47% have brand recall time of day they receive mobile ads 50% of respondents say companies 38% took action based on mobile ads didn’t make the opt-in process clear / Aeneas Strategy Study: interview with 1,002 consumers in June 2009 AOL/Universal McCan: survey of 1,800 mobile users over Q4 2008 and Q1 2009 in the USA - DMA survey: October 2009 9
  7. 7. It’s the right time to bring Marketing on Mobile …and we help you to engage better with your audience you we define manage interactive marketing mobile marketing objectives campaigns delivering the best click-rates and the best ROI With Interactive SMS, the SMS piloted by a SIM app! 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 10
  8. 8. Interactive SMS is a superior interactive channel Interactive SMS Standard SMS Flash SMS Welcome to Hello Wireless. Welcome to Hello Welcome to Hello Discover our large Wireless. Wireless. Discover our range of useful Discover our large mobile services. large range of range of useful useful Connect now mobile services: services. by pressing Ok More info on: More info on: HelloWireless.com HelloWireless.com Ok Exit Arrives in inbox Pops-up on idle screen One screen: no dialogue Several screens: dialogue • for information • for information • for basic call to action (w/ • for better call to action (1-click) : scrolling): • - trigger a call, a link to a wap/web site - trigger a call, a link to a wap/web site - trigger a pre-formatted SMS, a USSD service, a SIM service - qualification messages: lists, votes, get inputs, opt-in Better than SMS 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 11
  9. 9. Interactive SMS efficiency – an example Standard Same Interactive SMS SMS Hello Wireless! target Hello Wireless! Losing your contacts is something of the Losing your contacts past! Save your is something of the contacts with Hello Very high past! Save your Wireless Backup. See value of contacts with Hello menu on your phone. interactivity Wireless Backup. Costs 1€ Backup now? Costs 1€ for non users Service : Phonebook back up Service : Phonebook back up Target : never tried Target : never tried Acceptance rate increase : 1% X 6.4 Acceptance rate increase : 6,4 % End user experience End user experience 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 12
  10. 10. Interactive SMS is a superior interactive channel Better response rates than SMS  Interactive SMS gives a really intuitive 1-click to action experience, to send an sms, set up a call, or launch a wap browser :  natural, easy access to content, mobile site, coupons, maps  very fluid mobile questionnaire sequences for user qualification Delivers a proven x2 to x5 increase in click-through-rate, versus simple SMS ! and still simple !  Interactive SMS uses a widespread technology, the SIM, that works in all handsets without any handset customization: millions of happy users already ! Works on 100% of handsets in a very cost efficient way 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 13
  11. 11. Interactive SMS is relevant for 3 main use cases Create & manage opt-in databases Database Qualify databases with relevant criteria management (age, gender, location, preferences) Direct Animate MNOs customer databases marketing (Retention, Cross-selling/Upselling, Loyalty) Direct marketing Develop Brands consumer engagement Advertising (Awareness, First Try, First Buy, Loyalty – repeat purchase) 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 14
  12. 12. Database management driving the virtuous circle of Mobile Marketing Qualification and opt-in More use of mobile as a Targeting marketing channel Better ROI 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 15
  13. 13. Database management Qualification and opt-in campaign example Use case objectives: - start a direct dialogue with a subscriber SubscribePortalto Welcome20 free Thanks! Want **Win on Hello! Hello! to - quickly & easily collect qualitative customer profile data minutes with you unlimitedare Hello! Wirelessyou: plan Where data receivenetwork. Are great MyThank you you : Wireless** Youand How old are for at personalised Account 50€/month just living: - collect opt-in VoiceDiscoverto! needA access the participating getServices to answer offers? Female Sending special16 30245 Chatfollowing 3of large Male Services A range Shopping - build relationship with free minutes SMS… Download Nowwe questions soon promotions Enter Y/N be You will and useful Weatheryouranswer Selectyour20post Enterto know free get press OKyou mobile Forecast Enter mobileand credited age your services. your Fun &internet. OK codepress OK andGamesOK minutes. and press better. press NewsConnect Now Customer experience : PressY OK Traffic Info OK Press to press OK tocontinue continue. - idle screen pop-up - familiar SMS-based dialogue and input - 5 clicks only (plus qualitative input) & 1 SMS sent Campaign examples: - Qualify customer base for new services offers - Survey customer base: check interest for new tariff plans - Opt-in on specific partners offers … 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 16
  14. 14. Embark your audience onto a good mobile marketing experience Examples of Direct Marketing & Advertising campaigns Brand Event Offer awareness promotion discovery with Qualification with Qualification Customer care Loyalty Event + Opt-in couponing promotion with Qualification 13/03/2010 Improving efficiency of Mobile CRM and Advertising campaigns 17
  15. 15. Gemalto Mobile Marketing offer Mobile Marketing Service Mobile Marketing Center Partners SMS Interactive Cell Html MMS QR SMS Broadcast push codes Html pull Available Q2/10 coming later 18
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing Center High level Architecture Marketing layer Subscriber History of data Campaigns 1 4 Analytics Launch Campaign execution layer + users inputs Campaigns (age, opt-in …) On-going SIM Profiles campaigns 2 3 Interactive Analytics + users inputs SMS scenario (age, opt-in …) ready Multimedia SIM Marketing Engine 13/03/2010 Presentation title – Security Level (Arial 10pt) 19
  17. 17. Mobile Offers Marketing Center Strategic Planning Campaign management • Campaign creation • Relationship Marketing & • Campaign delivery communication strategy • Performance & ROI • Business & marketing analysis consulting • Benchamarking & Gemalto recommendations Mobile Marketing Services Experience management • Satisfaction surveys Analysis • Pre- & Post-test campaigns • Campaign performance • Claims & Opt-out management analysis & reporting • Opt-in database • Customer behavior & attitudes dynamic management analysis, segmentation> Experience management • Interfaces with other systems (CRM, Billing) • Aggregation of data generated by the • Import of external datas (private files) campaigns (opt-in, qualification, behavior, attitudes, …) 13/03/2010 Presentation title – Security Level (Arial 10pt) 20
  18. 18. Mobile Marketing Service CRM Experience Dialogue is a key component of the relationship marketing mix to reinforce positioning of brand, product & services to create a relationship between a consumer and a brand/product/service, and thus build loyalty To be effective and build customer value, dialogue has to be : Interactive and participative Personalized in terms of content, channel & mode Permanently accompanying the customer lifecycle 21
  19. 19. Mobile Marketing Service CRM Best practices Best practices for engagement & dialogue : Differentiate Identify & Engage Evaluate Personalize Objective Objective Objective Objective Recruit & qualify Profile & Target Engage in dialogue with Create Insight consumers consumers consumers Content Content Content Content Segmentation & One-to-one push Satisfaction surveys Opt-in collection Personalized content campaigns Pre&post test of Qualification questionnaire campaigns Indicators Indicators Indicators Indicators •Opt-in % •# of segments •% of impressions •Opt-out % •# of qualified consumers •Size of segments •CTR •Satisfaction % •% of qualification criteria •# of campaigns variations •Campaign recall / relevance % 22
  20. 20. Mobile Marketing Center Deliverables Based on your marketing brief, Gemalto can manage, in typically 8 weeks : 1. MARKETING PRE-STUDY • Analysis of existing opt-in database Recommendations • Analysis of marketing objectives Workshop 2. DATABASE QUALIFICATION CAMPAIGN • Opt-in collection Qualification report • Data collection Qualification database 3. FIRST ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN CREATION • Targets • User experience parameters: channel, message, timing, Campaign definition doc. capping Workshop 4. FIRST ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN EXECUTION • Calibration and technical tests • 1 week testing, and subsequent adjustment of parameters Weekly reporting • Execution on channels dynamically selected by Gemalto 5. FIRST ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN REPORTING Campaign report incl. • Standard report: delivery rate, click rate Recommendations for next • Custom report campaign • Analysis and recommendations for next campaign optimization Results database Presentation … and manage over time of all your Mobile Marketing campaigns. 13/03/2010 Presentation title – Security Level (Arial 10pt) 23
  21. 21. Pricing Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing Service Center Use case Products Hosted by Gemalto Hosted by Gemalto 1 euro Setup + 10k€ Database Mobile Marketing Engine (Light or existing SE/s@t) per user data + monthly management Mobile Marketing Center collected hosting fee Mobile Marketing Engine Setup +10k€ Direct marketing (Light or existing SE/s@t) 30k euros + monthly Mobile Marketing Center per campaign For MNOs marketing campaigns Ad Server (CRM capabilities) hosting fee Mobile Marketing Engine 30k euros Setup + 10k€ Direct marketing (Light or existing SE/s@t) per campaign monthly Advertising Mobile Marketing Center Or depending on Business + hosting fee Ad Server (CRM capabilities + Case, 30% ad network) of brand marketing budget For Brands marketing campaigns 24
  22. 22. Additional Options Mobile Marketing Service Mobile Marketing Center Partners Location detection Device detection Ad Server 25
  23. 23. A new vertical : Mobile Marketing All activities using the mobile as a media to : Deliver Develop Deliver an APPLICATION/SERVICE a DIALOGUE an ADVERTISING to and end-user with an end-user to an end-user ACHIEVEMENT 5% Mobile Mobile Mobile Content Advertising CRM Application stores Multichannel Advertising Content delivery, Menu Database management delivery, Ad network & Management, Content (Opt-in, Qualification, Ad Marketplace promotion Surveys, Customer Care), Direct Marketing 26
  24. 24. Content Mobile Carriers Ad agencies Brands providers m-CRM m-Content mobile carriers, m-Advertising ad agencies and brands mobile carriers ad agencies and brands implement effective and content providers develop in a unique customer database provide their users and efficient way marketing (including with easy access multichannel advertising opt-in collection, to accurate content campaigns qualification) and services via mobile media & direct marketing campaigns broadcast Geolocated In-app Interactiv Interstiti SCWS e SMS menu push MMS SMS Web Wap Ads SIM Cell al 27
  25. 25. Current AT&T customers: Log in and view, Typical user journey : Offer discovery change, manage your rate plan. Achieved in a few seconds! SubscribePortal You connected Hello! to Welcome on Hello! unlimited data plan recently to your Wireless network. My Account and at 50€/month mobile internet. VoiceDiscovertoto Would you like getServices access Chat Services our special range of benefit Shopping large from Automatic access to services Download Now promotions on unlimited data useful Weather Forecast mobile mobile your services. plan? Up-sell Fun &internet. Games NewsConnectOK Press Now Traffic continue Press OK to to Info OK press continue Best practice: First time usage is a ideal moment to push a teaser for your mobile portal Technical set-up needed: Connection to the Service provisioning platform 28
  26. 26. Current AT&T customers: Typical user journey : Top up Service Log in and view, change, manage your rate plan. promotion Achieved in 1 minute ! Thank you! You’ll **Hello! is your What Wireless **Special Hello! Wireless be Promotion** 1 lifestyle arewith Hello! Wireless Special interest: Where Top-up credited you FREEold you: How Are areWould offer !**you : hour! living: Sending for 5 € you like Wireless Get 1 Food FREE Hello! torequest 10 min receive hour Service activation 5 € answering5€ by forMusic the and… 50A Female SMS minutes 10 for 16 30245 ! personalized offers Thank you Movies fromor following A Male Hello!  Selectaccount and Enteryour choice Enter 50 SMS will Your your age Shopping questions Wireless? your post and credited be press OK Select yourOK OK codepress answer and press Select your choice Press OK Qualification Press OK and press OK press andcontinue to press OK to continue Opt-in Best practice: Each time you deliver value to your customer is a good moment to ask a few qualification questions. But collecting more information increases drop-off and reduces lead volume: capture basic information during the first contact with the user, and additional information over time as you build a relationship with the consumer 29
  27. 27. Current AT&T customers: Log in and view, change, manage your rate plan. Typical user journey : Couponing Display text when entering into Takashimaya Mall! Get 50% off **Wagamama Achieved in 10 seconds! on any main meal Coupon** Wagamama Restaurant at Get 50% off on any Takashimaya 693 purchase of meal Fifth Avenue at 54th Location based promotion between Street, 11 AM and 2PM Tel:(212) 350-0100 Coupon delivered = lead generation ! Offer valid until Press OK to receive2009 Nov 15, your coupon Best practice: Location adds enormous value to your couponing activities : boost your shop visits ! Technical set-up needed: LBA client server solution 30
  28. 28. Current AT&T customers: Typical user journey : Branded product Log in and view, change, manage your rate plan. launch or Achieved in 1 minute ! www.bmw.com/X1 What isyou! Thank your Welcome on Hello! BMW introduces **Special JOY IS WHAT You’ve beenyour the Calling credited BMW Are are you introduces Wireless you:IT lifestyle interest: Where network. the latest X1 Promotion** YOU MAKE How latest BMW nearest X1you with 30 FREE : old are living: THE BMW X1 minutes! Would you Lead generation Connection to the Book30 test drive Get Travel Adealer Discover a minutes Female Book totest drive like a receive 02116offers large 35 by X1 Discover the of FREE internet A range Music Male personalized X1 Discover the answering the 0850 890 678 useful Cars and… from Hello! Select your answer mobileyour age Enter services. Shopping following Partners? ZIP Socio-demographic and attitudes  codequestions OK Select your choice Select press OK and your choice and press OK and press  Select your Now and press OK ConnectOK and presschoice Press OK Get -in andcontinue? to continue? to press OK accept. toPress OK press OK qualification to continue Opt-in collected Best practice: Each time you deliver value to your customer is a good moment to ask a few qualification questions 31
  29. 29. Current AT&T customers: Log in and view, change, manage your rate plan. Typical user journey : Customer care Achieved in 1 minute ! What offerson Hello! Welcome would Service activation & Automatic youYou to receive :! Special will now like Promotion Your mobile phone Wireless network. GetThankare FREE I am I messages 1 hour of with am: is compatiblein: receiveliving you? How old you! Promotions data connection for A man handset configuration to automatically Hello! is going e-mail service LatestA woman sport news your 32 You’llcheck your to be credited Latest20070 configure the would you like Configuration e-maileconomy by answering Socio-demographic and news subscribe? : ato handset. of with questions compatibility few 1 hour received Select your answer Our and press OKand Enter yourdata ofFREE mobile Enter your ZIP your age sport partners’ offerphone with code andOKto connection! attitudes qualification Press click !press OK Just OK press press ourto continue value-added OK ! OK continue SelectServices your choice Opt-in and press OK Best practice: Each time you deliver value to your customer is a good moment to ask a few qualification questions Technical set-up options needed: Connection with Connection with Connection with Device Mgt E-mail subsc. Prepaid billing system system 32