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Catalogue spanish courses_in_spain_fabrica_de_idiomas

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Fábrica de Idiomas is Spanish school situated in Córdoba (Spain) in the centre of sunny Andalusia.
We offer Spanish immersion programmes with extra activities included in the price of each course. With us you will learn Spanish, improve your skills, catch some colloquial Spanish and enjoy Spanish culture.
To learn more about us, visit our web www.fabricadeidiomas.com/en

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Catalogue spanish courses_in_spain_fabrica_de_idiomas

  1. 1. ¡Bienvenido a nuestra Fábrica de Idiomas! The idea of opening Fábrica de Idiomas emerged thanks to our passion - we are philologists fascinated by Spanish language and culture. We would like to share our fascination and invite you to Córdoba, lovely city situated in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalusia, where our school is waiting for you with open doors. Fábrica de Idiomas is a language and cultural centre. The original and dynamic teaching methods distinguish us and high quality of education is our priority. Our staff are all professional experienced teachers always ready to help you. In our friendly atmosphere the students will make themselves at home. We teach Spanish with passion, trying to give an innovative character to the learning process. The programme of each course is designed according to the cultural calendar of Córdoba. With us you will learn Spanish through culture, cuisine and Spanish fiestas, and after classes we will offer you a cultural programme without any extra fees. And this is just the beginning... Want to know Spain a little better? Special Spanish courses with elements of flamenco, Spanish guitar, cooking classes or horse riding are something more than just a typical course. If you prefer an unforgettable experience with culture unavailable for regular tourists and wish to start an adventure with Spanish language, the Experience Spain Programme is our suggestion. Thanks to the cultural attractions and activities, the learning process with visible results will be a pleasure and Spain will fascinate you! We hope this catalogue helps you familiarize with the offer of Fábrica de Idiomas and encourages you to visit us in Córdoba.pages 2 | 3
  2. 2. CórdobaCórdoba is a small city located in the south of Spain, in Andalusia, and holds the UNESCO World Heritage title.Its Mosque-Cathedral situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River is a unique monument, as it is in the old townwhere you can find reminiscences of a past time when Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures coexisted. Córdoba, city ofgreat philosophers and well-known poets, looks ahead into the future and focuses on developing ambitious culturalprojects. Every year the cultural calendar of Córdoba is full of events on an international scale.Córdoba is situated near other attractive, from a touristic point of view, Andalusian cities, as well as the most beautifulbeaches in Europe. Its efficient communication with the main Spanish airports and comforts of a medium-sized citymake it the perfect place to live or to spend holidays.Córdoba, where the tradition intertwines with the contemporaneity, is without any doubt the ideal place to embark ona cultural adventure and let oneself go... Spanish through culture in CórdobaDid you know that you can communicate in Spanish in almost every corner of the world? Don’t you think this is a goodreason to consider studying it? But where and how to start?A language course abroad is a perfect solution if you want to achieve considerable results within a short time, andAndalusia, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year, is an ideal place to spend unforgettable moments. StudyingSpanish in Córdoba will let you feel the exceptional atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities of Spain, formercapital of the Islamic Caliphate of Córdoba. We will introduce you into the world of Spanish history, culture and gastro-nomy, you will know the Spanish way of living, customs, traditions and festivities. Discovering the hidden corners andsecrets of the Jewish Quarter and the Mosque area will allow you to feel the spirit of the city of three cultures: Muslim,Jewish and Christian.
  3. 3. Why learn Spanish with Fábrica de Idiomas? Our programmes are unique. We offer general and specialized Spanish courses at all levels: basic, intermediate and advanced in small groups of maximum eight students. · „Habla conmigo” - communication is the basis We know that although the grammatical base is essential, the main purpose of studying a language is the reinforcement of communication skills. From the first day you will improve your Spanish having contact with the everyday language. Our method of studying will help you achieve considerable results within a short time. · Unique learning programme Specially prepared courses give students the opportunity for an active participation during classes. We use innovative methods of teaching promoted by the European Union, interactive and dynamic exercises to learn grammar and commu- nication, special tasks, games and role plays, because studying a language requires more than traditional textbooks. · Individual treatment and evaluation Our approach to each student is individual. You are all our guests. We carefully select your accommodation taking into consideration your individual needs and preferences. We also help you to prepare your Europass Language Passport, a useful tool to control your progress. · Our team Our teachers form a great team passionate about Spanish culture. We select them carefully, they are either natives with academic preparation or have a diploma in Spanish Philology. They are all professional educators with experience in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. · Meeting point Our academy is a meeting place for students. After classes our school changes into a chill-out room open to everyone, where you can meet, chat, use the Internet, read a book, listen to music or have a coffee.pages 4 | 5
  4. 4. Spanish courses in Córdoba Español 20 | Spanish through the cultureThis is a perfect modality for students who need to learn or improve their Spanish. During classes we introduce youto the world of Spanish culture, traditions and cuisine and guarantee the contact with everyday language. We organi-ze tourist visits, going out for tapas, walks around Córdoba and house parties. It is an excellent course to makeconsiderable progress and participate in cultural activities in Córdoba.Includes: 4 hours of Spanish sessions a day + 5 hours of cultural activities per weekDuration: minimum 1 week Fábrica de español profesional | Spanish course with traineeship in companiesThis modality consists of an intermediate or advanced level Spanish course and professional traineeship in Spanishcompanies from different sectors. We provide vocational guidance, assistance in selecting work placement, help inCV editing and preparation for the interview, coaching during the entire stay and assessment of traineeship.Programme I: 2 weeks of Spanish (40 hours of Spanish sessions) + 10 hours of cultural activities + 4 hours of consul-tation + minimum 4 weeks of professional traineeshipDuration: minimum 6 weeksProgramme II: 4 weeks of Spanish (80 hours of Spanish sessions) + 20 hours of cultural activities + 8 hours of consul-tation + minimum 4 weeks of professional traineeshipDuration: minimum 8 weeksCourse prices do not include accommodation and travel expenses. More details and current price list can be found onour website: www.fabricadeidiomas.com
  5. 5. Specialized Spanish courses Fábrica flamenca | Spanish language and flamenco For amateurs of flamenco dance or Spanish guitar who want to combine music and the art of dancing with studying Spanish. Each course of our calendar is prepared according to great flamenco events taking place in Córdoba and Andalusia. Spanish language classes contain elements of the flamenco tradition and history which are later used during flamenco shows, classes and concerts. You will also participate in flamenco or Spanish guitar courses with professional teachers. Includes: 4 hours of Spanish sessions a day + 5 hours of flamenco/Spanish dance/guitar per week + cultural activities (including flamenco show) Duration: minimum 2 weeks Fábrica ecuestre | Spanish language and horse riding Programme for horse enthusiasts. You will be able to combine Spanish lessons with horse riding. In addition, a unique attraction - a performance in which the central role is played by purebred Andalusian horses. Includes: 4 hours of Spanish sessions a day + 5 hours of specialized classes per week + cultural activities (including spectacle: “Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian horse”) Duration: minimum 2 weekspages 6 | 7
  6. 6. Fábrica creativa | Spanish language and creativityProgramme arranged according to the cultural offer of Córdoba and Andalusia. We focus on theatre, animation, cinema,art and poetry. We offer open-air performances on the patios and discussions about Spanish classic or contemporarycinema, sessions in summer cinema in the open air, comics or graffiti workshops.Includes: 4 hours of Spanish sessions a day + 5 hours of specialized classes per week (different programme according tothe course type) + cultural activitiesDuration: minimum 2 weeks Fábrica culinaria | Spanish language and cuisineIf you are interested in Spanish gastronomy, we have a perfect solution. This course combines learning language withelements of Spanish cuisine. Discover the secrets of one of the best world’s cuisine. Try typical starters, prepare Andalu-sian tapas and learn the Spanish cooking art.Includes: 4 hours of Spanish sessions a day + 5 hours in Spanish kitchen per week + cultural activitiesDuration: minimum 1 week Course prices do not include accommodation and travel expenses. More details and current price list can be found on our website: www.fabricadeidiomas.com
  7. 7. Accommodation for Spanish courses students We know that accommodation is an important element of travelling abroad. Therefore, for participants in all Spanish courses we select each type of accommodation very carefully, paying particular attention to its quality so as to fully meet your expectations. You can choose between: · Shared flat This is a perfect solution if you want to be independent. Your roommates will be students from our school or young Spaniards. Thus you will always be in contact with the language. Our offer includes single and double rooms in standard flats with a living-room, kitchen and bathroom at your disposal. · Spanish host family This is a good option for those who want to experience real Spanish life in a family. You will taste delicious homemade food - this accommodation includes daily meals (half or full board). We offer single and double rooms with all the facilities you need. · Apartment / hostel If you prefer to stay in an apartment, hostel or hotel, we can help you with the selection and booking procedure.pages 8 | 9
  8. 8. Cultural programme and activities in Fábrica de IdiomasThe cultural programme forms the integral part of all the Spanish courses. We focus our teaching process on thecommunication and contact with everyday language, culture and life of our city. You will have an opportunity to useyour language skills in real situations and enjoy it.Our cultural programme contains: · Open air Spanish classes · Walk around the Jewish quarter and the centre of Córdoba · Typical Andalusian breakfast · Going out for tapas · House party · Preparing typical Spanish starters · Participation in local fiestas and festivals, contact with the culture and life of the city.We also offer additional attractions such as excursions, workshops and mini courses. You will be able to make a shorttrip to the beach, enjoy the nature, participate in yoga sessions, learn to prepare tapas or dance sevillanas.
  9. 9. Experience Spain Programme Bored with typical lazy holidays? You do not know how to find the best restaurants in town and you are fed up with places for tourists? Want to see how it is to live in Córdoba and enjoy a unique experience while participating in Spanish way of living? We would like to offer you a rich program of cultural tourism which will reveal you the secrets of Andalusia. Together we will visit places unknown to regular tourists. We will tell you stories that cannot be found in any guidebooks. With us you will see the process of making Spanish wine, try Andalusian cuisine, learn to taste olive oil, try Spanish serrano ham, relax in the Arab baths and enjoy a flamenco show. We also organize additional activities according to the cultural calendar of the city. Each experience is unique and each month shows a new vision of Córdoba and Andalusia. Tourist visits and gastronomic pleasures are just an excuse to practice the Spanish language. Thanks to them you will make a quick progress or learn the basic vocabulary. We hope that you return home with lots of new experiences and friendship with people who share the same fascination for Spain. We assure you that these holidays will be delicious and unforgettable.pages 10 | 11
  10. 10. In small, maximum 15-people groups, and in friendly atmosphere, together we will set off on a journey through theSpanish tradition.Monday of three cultures - treasures and tradition of ancient Córdoba. Night walk along the Jewish quarter.Tuesday in the cultural melting pot - the Arab baths and tea-houses with sounds of rushing water and flamenco show.Wednesday’s culinary sins - one of the finest Spanish serrano ham in the unforgettable setting of Sierra de CardeñaNational Park. From marzipan to hanging houses in Montoro. Performance “Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian horse”.Thursday on trails of the White Villages - pearls of Spain or the olive groves and production process of golden olive oil.Nectar of the gods during a visit to the wineries and vineyards of Montilla-Moriles and traditional wine tasting.Friday in Seville or Cadiz.Weekend break on the most beautiful beaches in Europe.Additional visits proposed by us are surprises. We also suggest seasonal attractions such as the May folk, guitar concerts,wine tasting, Spanish horse shows, visits to the factory of traditional Andalusian sweets in Rute, participation in thegrape picking or olives harvest.· AccommodationThe participants of the Experience Spain Programme are accommodated in 4* or 5* hotels or apartments according totheir preferences. Experience Spain Programme prices do not include travel to Spain expenses. We can arrange you transport from the airport to Córdoba. More details and current price list can be found on our website: www.fabricadeidiomas.com
  11. 11. tesorocultura español fiesta experiencia s e n s a c i o n e s How to arrive? C ó r d o b a C ó r d o b a The nearest Spanish airports are in Madrid, Seville, Málaga and Granada. Córdoba is situated no more than 2 hours away. We will be glad to suggest you the easiest and the cheapest way to get from your city to Córdoba. e m o c i o n e s FRANCE SPAIN PORTUGAL Madrid Seville Córdoba Granada Málaga Cadizgente i n o l v i d a b l ep a t i ao m i g o s s Fábrica de Idiomas c/ Decano Fernández de Castillejo 2, local C ó r d o b a 14004 Córdoba, España (Spain) skype: fabrica.de.idiomas fiestae info@fabricadeidiomas.com T: +34 678078054 T: +34 663665665 s e n s a c i o n s facebook: Fabrica de Idiomas twitter: @fabrica_idiomas