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Trans europa express in cultural aspects of branding - summex 2012

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Trans-Europe Express in Cultural Aspects of Branding.
Презентация для конференции Summex, Кельн, март 2012.

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Trans europa express in cultural aspects of branding - summex 2012

  1. 1. Trans-Europe Express inCultural Aspects of BrandingMikhail Chernyshev Croatia
  2. 2. Why Transcultural communications?How more multicultural can it get?
  3. 3. How we were planting SwedishModel Into Different Russian regions Swedish business engine Russian regional soil 1 mistake and 1 success
  4. 4. Transferring Russian/SwedishSuccess to Croatia 1 mistake and 1 success 4
  5. 5. Tele2 in Search For Key to Russian SoulOr how to combine Swedish business DNA with Russian Communication DNA?
  6. 6. «Умом Россию не понять, Аршиномобщим не измерить»• Different economical environment, infrastructure, values, income, development creates a very different markets with different audience and needs• The difference among Tele2 Russian regions: – SIM Penetration 58%-124% – Internet usage: 7%-66% – Living in the “central city”: 18%-56% – Different Market Maturity
  7. 7. The Main TELE2 Russia Challenge in Marketing HOW TO FIND A RIGHT RECEPY FOR EACH REGION?
  8. 8. Starting Managing Borsch Challenge More than 100 types of Borsches are split generally in 3 directions green spicy red
  9. 9. Cluster Communication Strategy: 3 clusters Price Leadership Perception defender high challenger mid newcomer low mid MARKET SHARE
  10. 10. How Should the Marketing andCommunication Objectives Evolve With The Growth?
  11. 11. Business to Communication Goals Newcomer Challenger DefenderBusiness Retention Subscribers Subscribers acquisition ARPU protection acquisition ARPU protection Retention Communication Price Leadership Brand Awareness Brand Purchase Intension Brand Attitude Loyalty & satisfaction
  12. 12. Marketing Communication Wrapping
  13. 13. Initial Fundamental Assumption Russians, like Swedes would go for cheap services
  14. 14. Initial Fundamental Assumption Russians, like Swedes would go for cheap services ! O NG WR
  15. 15. Wrong move – functional communication Cheap should! look cheap NG ! G ! RO ON NG W WR RO W
  16. 16. Need to find a relevant wrappingIn Sweden: Cheap = Cool & SmartIn Russia: Cheap = Uncool, Shame Challenge: How To Make Cool To Pay Cheap!?
  17. 17. Big Idea:“Cool Guys Don’t Pay Expensive!”
  18. 18. Creative Platform: “Mafia” • Mafia world is about money andconnection Tony • Mafia don’t like to pay (they eventake it for free) Don • There are 2 Mafia’s in Russia:corrupted government, police and it’sconnections (they are bad) andguerilla-mafia who tries to fight withthem (Robin-hoods) TELE2 Sonny • Content on TV in Russia has tons ofseries of mafia (good) vs. cops (bad)and it’s combinations (e.g. Brigada)
  19. 19. Mafia Tools (Ingredients) for Different Regions VAS Roaming, LOYALTY COMFORT TARIFF QUALITY & PACKAGE Mob.Internet, RETENTION WAP/GPRSnewcomer defender
  20. 20. What Did Mafia Deliver To Russia(of course together with number of other initiatives)From 2006 till 2011: – Fantastic PLP growth (highest in the group) – Increase in brand consideration – From 3 Mio to 20 Mio customers – From negative to positive EBITDA and positive CF – Russia has turn itself from “crazy investment eater” to cash-cow
  21. 21. Why wouldn’t we try this success of“Mafia” Brand Platform on another Slavic country? Moving “Mafia” to Croatia
  22. 22. Croatia is… A small, but VERY PROUD country Slavic roots, but EUROPEAN (soon to be in EU) country A country which has suffered from war and crime but really becoming true European member with clear European values
  23. 23. Cultural context defines the perception ! NG W RO
  24. 24. Need to change the creative platform in Croatia
  25. 25. Insight: all the best things in Croatia are… From Croatia! Best wine Best sea Best food (did you know, that Pizza was actually invented in Croatia? ) Best clothing (did you know that Crovat (tie) came from Croatia?) Best girls (and boys) Best everything…! …
  26. 26. We need to develop a LOCAL concept! 
  27. 27. Brand Promise Localization
  28. 28. 3 GREAT Local Concepts + 1Adaptation Were Put In Tests
  29. 29. Swedish Frank became Local Gregor
  30. 30. F R AN K GREGO R
  31. 31. AM E R IC AN C R O AT
  32. 32. AM E R IC A C R O ATIA
  34. 34. AM E R IC A C R O ATIA
  35. 35. AM E R IC A C R O ATIA
  36. 36. AM E R IC A C R O ATIA
  37. 37. How did It Influenced GregorPersonality?
  38. 38. G re gor is a b it rou gh arou nd e d ge s , h is voice b e cam e d e e p e r. • C roat m e n are tou gh (or th e y like to th ink s o)!H e is a b it of a “s m artars e ”, h is j s b alance nice ly clos e to th e e d ge of oke going ru d e .G re gor is ve ry s e lf confid e nt. • H e is afte r all a fu ll b lood e d C roatian m anage r!G re gor like s irony and s arcas m , h e find s h im s e lf fu nny s o like s to incorp orate little j s and p e rs onal com m e nts into any line h e d e live rs . oke • Irony and s arcas m are ine vitab le in C roatian h u m or.
  39. 39. Gregor Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzDPPyiq1bQ 39
  40. 40. And Impactful 360 Launch
  41. 41. Results of Brand Relaunch in Croatia 2010 2011Best Value for Money Perception 20%  39%Quality Perception 19%  37%Ad Awareness (Top of Mind) 15%  49%Market Share 12%  18%
  42. 42. Conclusions1. «Что Русскому хорошо, то Немцу – смерть»: any fundamental assumptions MUST be validated by local insights & research3. Russian regions are fantastic in their difference! Difference between Moscow and Izhevsk is much more than between Moscow and New-York!5. Sometimes a great adaptation can work much better than any locally produced concepts (and will save a lot of money in production) but with a RIGHT adaptation!