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Recycled Reads

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Recycled Reads

  1. 1. It’s Been Said Before • It will destroy the culture • It is not a permanent medium • It will put people out of work • Children will not be able to distinguish fact from fantasy • It will create forgetfulness because people will not use their memories • The child’s brain and nervous system will be completely exhausted • The abundance of information is confusing and harmful to the mind About Gutenberg’s Movable Type
  2. 2. Recycled Reads GHG Equivalency Numbers 2009 – Present 865 tons reused, repurposed, recycled: 5194 (MTCO2Eq) Annual greenhouse gas emissions from: 1093 Passenger vehicles or 12,366,667 Miles/year driven by an average passenger vehicle or 584,449 gallons of gasoline consumed or 5,578,947 pounds of coal burned or 714 homes' electricity use for one year or 1.4 wind turbines installed or 135,862 lamps switched to CFL s or 12,079 barrels of oil consumed or 216,417 propane cylinders used for home barbeques or 0.01 coal-fired power plants in one year or The carbon sequestered by 4,257 acres of U.S. forests in one year compiled by City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability