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Introduction To Social Media For Healthcare Professionals

Introduction To Social Media For Healthcare Professionals

  1. Social MediaFor HealthcareProfessionals
  2. Social media accounts for nearly a quarter of time spentonline, more than any other type of Internetdestination.
  3. DynamicReal TimeConversationContributingandParticipatingOpen and TransparentRelationshipBuildingCommunity FocusedSocial MediaCharacteristics
  4. Since its launch in a Harvard dormitory in 2004, Facebooknow counts more than 750 million users worldwide.People spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook each month.
  5. Twitter launched in 2006 andhas over 200 million accounts
  6. Every day, the world tweets the equivalent of8,123 copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace
  7. We are living out our lives online.Managing financial servicesonline, making travel arrangementsonline.We want and expect the same level ofcontrol and convenience from ourhealthcare.
  8. • Community engagement• Peer support• Research• Outreach• Education• Advocacy• MarketingIn Healthcare, Social Media Is Being Used In Many Ways
  9. Helen Bevan, chief of service transformation at theNHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.
  10. “These are more thanbusiness tools. I see themas the future of caredelivery.”
  11. “I believe physicians and theirorganizations have an obligation toparticipate in online dialog. Soundreason, good clinical judgment, andevidence-based thinking need to be partof the information stream.”
  12. Dispel Myths/Provide ContextConnect withmainstreammediaHear whatpatients/clientshave to sayRelationshipBuildingMaking The Case For ParticipationImprovequality ofonlinehealthcareinformationMarketingConnectwith Gen Y
  13. Experience withsocial media canprovide HCPswith the skillsthey need toconnect withmainstreammedia.Connect With Mainstream Media
  14. For HCPssocial mediais a way tohear whatpatients, aswell as otherhealthcareprovidershave to say
  15. 93% ofGeneration Yarecommunicatingonline
  16. Allows you to promote yourself while buildinglasting relationships in various onlinecommunities.Social Media Marketing
  17. So Where Do I Start?
  18. Develop A Social Media StrategyDetermine GoalsAllocate ResourcesIdentify Audience Measure EffortsPick ToolsPrioritize
  19. Social media istwo-wayconversationStart By Listening….
  20. Good phrases to use in social mediaUseful PhrasesI want to share this with you..What do you think of?Thanks for sharingCan anyone help us on?
  21. Identify Your Audience
  22. 50 people can drive 85% of yourconversation online.Identify your key influencers.
  23. Set SMART Goals
  24. StrategyAdopt Low-Risk Tools FirstPodcastsVideosWidgetsEasilydownloadable, and canbe accessed frompartner sites andposted on yourwebsite.Make it easy forpeople to shareyour messages andbecome healthadvocates.Facilitate ViralInformation Sharing
  25. MeasureEvaluate your efforts so you canadjust your social mediastrategy, reshape messages, orimprove processes.
  26. Social Media Is Not A Passing FadThe specific platforms maycome and go but the act ofconnecting in the digital worldwill only grow, become morepervasive in our lives.You cannot afford to take a “wait-and-see approach.”The sooner your organization develops an activepresence, the less distance you will have to make uplater.

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