pregnancy gingivitis preterm low birth weight (plbw) infants preeclampsia and periodontitis menopause and osteoporosis and periodontitis pregnancy and periodontitis diabetes and periodontitis subantimicrobial dose of tetracycline (sdd) osteoplasty periodontal treatment in diabetic patient doxycycline and diabetes fluorides hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes toothpastes listerine povidine iodine triclosan chlorhexidine combiflam paracetamol+aceclofenac+seratiopeptidase paracetamol mefenamic acid nsaids in periodontics aceclofenac cox-1 and cox-2 inhibitors ibuprofen serratiopeptidase diclofenac ketorolac ornidazole augmentin in periodontal abscess tetracyclines doxycycline tooth accumulated material soft tam corncob structure coaggregation adhesins formation of plaque acquired pellicle exopolysaccharide antibiotic resistance quorum sensing subgingival plaque supragingival plaque biofilm repair of cementum functions of cementum cementoenamel junction cementicles clinical attachment loss acellular cementum cellular cementum cementum pearls genetic susceptibility immunological assay perioscan periotest subtraction radiography generation of periodontal probe dna probe hormones and periodontitis hormones and gingivitis postmenopausal changes in female in gingiva preeclampsia atheosclerosis and periodontitis myocardial infarction and periodontitis angina preterm low birth weight infants and periodontitis focal infection theory copd and periodontitis cancer and periodontitis alzheimers disease and periodontitis respiratory diseases and periodontitis ishchemic heart disease and periodontitis collagen vascular diseases and periodontitis metal intoxication and gingivitis genetic disorder and periodontitis cardiovascular disease and periodontitis nutritional deficiency and periodontitis stress and periodontitis hematological diseases menstruation and periodontitis contraceptives and periodontitis endocrine disturbances and periodontitis hyperparathyroidism and periodontitis puberty and periodontitis gingival enlargement gingiva hyperplasia false enlargement hypertrophic gingiva gingival overgrowth enlargement in vitamin c deficiency false pockets gingivectomy enlargement in pregnancy phenytoin induced enlargement enlargement in leukemia inflammatory enlargement conditioned enlargement drug induced gingival enlargement rolled margin bleeding on probing page and schroeder classification stages of gingivitis classification of gingivitis clinical features of gingivitis gingival inflammation increased gcf acute and chronic gingivitis gingival color change stippling gingival bleeding recent classification of peri implant diseases recent classification of periodontal diseases hemisection tunnel preparation odontoplasty host modulation therapy (hmt) cytokines chemically modified tetracycline (cmt) matrixmetalloproteinases (mmp) craters hemiseptum widow's peak subtractive osseous surgery ostectomy prisma evidence based journals randomized clinical trials cochrane library metaanalysis systematic review enamel matrix proteins iprf guided tissue regenerative membranes root biomodification growth factors platelet rich fibrin (prf) guided tissue regeneration (gtr) bone grafts chlorhexidine chip elyzol arestin periodontal ab fibres actisite host inflammatory response in periodontitis adaptive immunity in periodontitis innate immunity in periodontitis chronic inflammation in periodontitis acute inflammation in periodontitis how gingivitis change yo periodontitis updated plaque hypothesis ecological plaque hypothesis keystone pathogen plaque hypothesis specific plaque hypothesis non-specific plaque hypothesis diabetes and periodontitis ppt periodontitis ppt
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