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Empxtrack enrollment and initial introduction

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This presentation explains the Empxtrack Free Trial Enrollment process and explains the features available in the product.

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Empxtrack enrollment and initial introduction

  1. 1. 2 A Quick Guide to Enroll and Setup Empxtrack Trial
  2. 2. Enroll for Free Trial Fill in the details on the trial form to enroll yourself successfully.
  3. 3. Thank You Message Thank You message appears on the screen asking you to check the Welcome Email received on your registered email id.
  4. 4. Welcome Email In the email, you will get a message that a Sales representative will soon contact you to provide a free trial link and schedule a product demo. The email also contains useful links to YouTube videos, online help guide, social media platforms and presentation to update users on the latest information about the product.
  5. 5. Explore User Roles and Their Functionalities • Click on the trial link shared by the sales representative and start using the application to understand its features and functionalities. • The application is configured with pre-set data & multiple user roles that are visible on that home page. • There are multiple callouts on each page to help you understand Empxtrack better. • Click on Login link to try an employee role functionality. Note: We would be trying most of the functionality with 3 employees. They are available in the demo. You can switch users anytime by clicking on the Switch User dropdown given on the top. 1. Janet Leverling – The Employee 2. John Steel – Janet’s Manager 3. Terri Osborn – The HR Manager
  6. 6. Login as an Employee • Login as Janet to try the application as an Employee. • On the Home page, go to the top right corner and click on the dropdown to check My Profile, Update Password and other features. • Click on Engage, Measure, Process and Excel tabs to view personal data and check other functionalities as an Employee. • The icons on top of the page shows multiple features like social feed, messages, calendar, task scheduler, timesheet, chat, poll, company directory and 360 pulse feedback. Note: You can go back to the Admin Panel by clicking on Switch User dropdown that appears on the top of the page.
  7. 7. • In Engage tab, an employee can view and edit goalsheet, view company goals and track achievements. • In Measure tab, an employee can complete the appraisal, 360-degree feedback and view the current and past evaluations. • In Process tab, an employee can view and edit personal and professional data, view upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, attendance, leave balance, past leave requests, salary records and payroll information, update benefits information, request time off, travel arrangements and more. • In Excel tab, an employee can view summary of their career profile, skill endorsements, internal job vacancies, identify gaps with the existing job role and other job roles, view all the trainings being offered, update experience, qualification and training taken. Explore Employee Functionalities
  8. 8. • Login as John Steel (Janet’s Manager) by clicking on the Switch User dropdown. • In Engage tab, a manager can view and edit goalsheet of team members and monitor their achievements. Senior level employees can cascade company goals to their teams and check all reports and dashboards related to goalsheets. • In Measure tab, a manager can view performance appraisals of the entire team with associated dashboards and view current and past performance over multiple parameters. • In Process tab, a manager can view team members and their details, view upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, manage attendance, leave and exit process, view leave requests, team travel spend dashboard, and more. • In Excel tab, a manager can view personal information, career details and 360 Pulse Feedbacks of team members, Create and manage open job positions, view upcoming interviews and tests, manage team skill sheet, identify gap between existing skill and the job requirements, and view intuitive reports. Login as a Manager
  9. 9. • Login as Terri (HR Manager). • In Engage tab, HR manager can view and initiate goalsheets for any employees within the organization. View reports and company goals in a quick glance. • In Measure tab, HR manager can initiate and mange appraisals, and view associated reports. • In Process tab, HR manager can view upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, manage employees and their details, attendance, leave, exit and payroll process, and reports. • In Excel tab, HR manager can view all employees, manage recruitment, onboarding, team skill sheet, career details of all the employees, and intuitive reports. Note: HR manager can login as an administrator to configure the application and manage functionalities . Login as an HR Manager
  10. 10. How Empxtrack Enhances User Experience? Empxtrack is uniquely designed to meet comprehensive human resource management needs of organizations in different business verticals. Interesting features like social feed, chat, calendar options have made the software popular in more than 20 countries. The software offers maximum configurability, customizable features and intuitive interface to maximize its usage.
  11. 11. 9 For a demo or more information please contact