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Social Media @ LGH Older Adult Services

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  • Very nice presentation - visual and includes relevant info!
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  • What a great non-profit to assist! Just think if all those pictures on their bulletin board were in their 'friends' page! I never thought about it before but social media could be an amazing benefit to the elderly who are able to use it in order to stay connected. Also, it is a great resource for their families and caregivers. Thanks for sharing.
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Social Media @ LGH Older Adult Services

  1. 1. Social Media @ Lutheran GeneralHospital Older Adult Services LFGSM 5822 Tina Dyer James Ng
  2. 2. Business Selection• Lutheran General Older Adult Services • Non-profit subsidiary organization of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital • Established 1980
  3. 3. Lutheran General Older Adult Services (OAS)• Mission: To enrich the quality of life of the older person through a full range of services that appropriately responds to the person as he/she experiences needs and desires along the aging continuum.
  4. 4. Lutheran General OlderAdult Services (OAS)• OAS goals: • Promote the individual’s maximum level of independence • Maintain the individual’s present level of functioning as long as possible • Foster socialization and peer interaction • Provide support, respite, and education for families and caregivers
  5. 5. OAS Services• Information and referral service• Adult day service• Emergency response service• Counseling• Home delivered meals• Memory workshops• Support groups
  6. 6. OAS Demographics• 16 Total Staff Members • Director, Manager, Nurses, Recreational Therapists, Social Workers, Activity Counselors, Certified Nursing Assistants• Low technology use • Gwynne (Director) has a personal Facebook page that was last updated Aug 2011 with only a single posting
  7. 7. Gwynne’s Thoughts Will soon upgrade from a flip phone to one of those “phones that talk to you”.Upping her technology credibility so she can get ready for Social Media and look cool to her kids.
  8. 8. Business Challenges• Low awareness of OAS• Small marketing budget • Primarily word of mouth• Limited communication vehicles • Flyers/Posters • Emails
  9. 9. Social Media Capabilities• No social media presence at OAS• Parent organization – Advocate Health Care has: • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Dedicated SM staff • Focused on Advocate branding
  10. 10. Social Media Usage• Marketing • Gain new referrals• Engagement • Current & New Customers• Communication • Connect to caregivers/family members of OAS
  11. 11. Social Media Recommendationfor OAS• Leverage the corporate approved tools • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube • Add a blog – Blogger• Most popular• Ease of use• Low cost
  12. 12. Timeline 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th QtrPost frequently on Facebook , respond to posts as soon as possibleTweet on Twitter dailyBlog a minimum 4 times/month Introduce YouTube Videos Build library of videos to create an OAS channel Measure which SM Tool is most effective for this audience.
  13. 13. Measurements• Facebook • Number of Likes• Twitter • Number of Followers• Blogger • Page views
  14. 14. Facebook Launch
  15. 15. Twitter Site
  16. 16. Blogger
  17. 17. Lessons Learned• Research (user)name that represents the business in the best possible way and not be misinterpreted • Older Adult Services• Lutheran General Hospital Older Adult Services
  18. 18. Teaching Social Media• Worked at the pace of the new learner• Introduced SM tools based on ease of use and importance• Encourage and Support
  19. 19. Conclusion• OAS is now active and immersed in Social Media• Usage is growing at incremental pace• OAS is pleased with current results and looks forward to growing their Social Media presence
  20. 20. Join InAnyone Can Do It