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Inbound Marketing Revolution

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What is inbound, why is it powerful, and what are the key components to implement for your business. Presentation from the Inbound Marketing Bootcamp - May 21, 2014 - Neenah, WI.

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Inbound Marketing Revolution

  1. 1. The Inbound Revolution: Past, Present, and Future Ellie Mirman
  2. 2. Why ?inbound
  3. 3. Remember when your mom used to tell you as a child that “it’s inconsiderate and rude to interrupt someone?” TWISTEDSIFTER.FILES.WORDPRESS.COM
  4. 4. That’s what traditional marketing & sales were all about.
  5. 5. Cold Calling Cold Emails (SPAM) Interruptive Ads Marketer - Centric TRADITIONAL
  6. 6. The way we live has changed.
  7. 7. The old marketing 86% skip TV ads 91% unsubscribe from email 200M on the Do Not Call list 44% of direct mail is never opened BROKEN. playbook is
  8. 8. The customer is in control.
  9. 9. NO ONE WAKES UP AND SAYS: “I want to see an ad.”
  10. 10. SO WHY DO MARKETERS WAKE UP AND SAY: “Let’s make an ad”?
  11. 11. of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. 80%
  12. 12. In order to attract customers, marketers have to provide them with something they will love.
  13. 13. marketing people Inbound love.
  14. 14. Cold Calling Cold Emails (SPAM) Interruptive Ads Marketer - Centric SEO Blogging Attraction Customer - Centric INBOUND vs. TRADITIONAL
  15. 15. So what is inbound all about? FLICKR USER WORLDBANK
  16. 16. Inbound Marketing is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your company and converts them into lasting customers.
  17. 17. The inbound CONTENT. playbook is based on Blogs Interactive Tools Photos & Infographics Videos & Podcasts Presentations & eBooks
  18. 18. The inbound CONTEXT. playbook leverages
  19. 19. The inbound CHANNELS. playbook cuts across Website, Landing Pages Calls-to- Action BlogsSearch Engines Social Media Email & Nurturing
  20. 20. The inbound FUNNEL. playbook applies to the whole
  21. 21. The Inbound Evolution
  23. 23. It all comes down to one thing.
  24. 24. The customer.
  25. 25. CUSTOMER. Inbound Marketing starts with the
  26. 26. Start with your persona, not your product Build content creation into your routine Measure everything 3 Keys to Keep Up with the Inbound (R)Evolution
  28. 28. Who are you trying to attract?
  29. 29. Semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. BUYER PERSONAS
  30. 30. PERSONA NAMEBACKGROUND: • Basic details about persona’s role, key information about the persona’s company • Relevant background info DEMOGRAPHICS: • Gender, age range, HH Income (consider a spouse’s income, if relevant) IDENTIFIERS: • Buzz words & mannerisms GOALS: • Persona’s primary & secondary goal CHALLENGES: • Primary and secondary challenge to persona’s success HOW WE HELP: • How you solve your persona’s challenges & help achieve their goals COMMON OBJECTIONS: • ID the most common objections your persona will raise during the sales process REAL QUOTES: • Include a few real quotes (taken during interviews) that well represent your persona to make it easier employees to relate to/understand to them.
  31. 31. PERSONAS DRIVE… Content creation Content distribution channels Sales process Product development Customer service … everything … across all departments
  33. 33. Content is everywhere. FLICKR USER DEMANDAI
  34. 34. • Turn emails into blog posts • Shoot videos at events • Answer questions from social media in a blog post • Interview customers for your blog or ebooks • Repurpose company data for public reports • Share presentations from events • Share lessons you learn Get into a content creation mindset
  35. 35. Content fuels inbound marketing Content Search engine optimization Social media Landing page offers Email marketing & nurturing
  37. 37. Pick the metrics you care about the most.
  38. 38. Measure progress towards these metrics at a high level.
  39. 39. Measure progress towards these metrics at a micro (project) level.
  40. 40. Example: inbound leads Monthly Inbound Leads Goal: 20,000 Ebook Campaign Leads Goal: 7,500
  41. 41. • Measure progress against goals • Decide what to cut • Decide what to scale • Resolve conflicts • Find new opportunities • Communicate value across the company Use data to…
  42. 42. Inbound Results
  43. 43. What are you for?waiting
  44. 44. • Are you answering your persona’s questions on your website? • Do your potential customers have a reason to give you their information? • How will people find you? What will they find? Is there a path to conversion from that content? • What metrics are you trying to drive? What’s working to support your goals?
  45. 45. LET’S GO!
  46. 46. THANK YOU. ellie@hubspot.com twitter.com/ellieeille linkedin.com/in/elliemirman