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Marketing Canvas Template

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Provided by Lida Tohidi at NetSquared Vancouver.

Creating a marketing plan for your nonprofit organization will move you from where you are to where you want to be. Learn real tips and trick to starting out right this year with a plan that you can explain to your team and board.

Learn how to identify the ideal donor you'd like to acquire, map out your acquisition plan, and engage with donors on the appropriate channels.

Lida Tohidi has 11 years of experience in digital marketing, program management, and strategic planning in the tech sector and has utilized her talents for nonprofits as well. She is very passionate about mindfulness, as well as diversity and inclusion, and in 2018 alone, she spoke at 25 tech conferences and events. You can contact Lida through LinkedIn and on Twitter lidatohidi

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Marketing Canvas Template

  1. 1. Opportunity Target Market / Donor Value Proposition Briefly describe your non-profit here. Customer / Donor Profile Describe your target customer in detail: gender, age, job, hobbies, values, etc. Burning Need Segmentation Available Market Addressable Market Beach Head Lida Tohidi lida@pidari.com
  2. 2. Go-to-Market Plan Product Development Plan Financial Operations Plan Channels Relationships Competitive Landscape Product Road Map Assumptions Projections Strategy Funding Requirements Lida Tohidi lida@pidari.com