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Indian Natural Stones: The Ideal Choice For Homes

Indian Natural Stones have been popular since ages. Their strength, durability & texture makes them the best building material for any house. Natural Stones can provide a lavish look to your house interior or exterior. @ Visit @ http://www.elegantgranites.com/slates-stone-slabs.html

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Indian Natural Stones: The Ideal Choice For Homes

  1. 1. Indian Natural Stones: The Ideal Choice For Homes
  2. 2. Are you planning to remodel your house? Did it suddenly strike you that natural stones can give your ancestral house a new furbished look? When it comes to renovate the house, natural stones can be handy items. Fireplace is a difficult spot to renovate like your wardrobe and bathroom space. So how do you select a natural stone to suit your needs? Here’s a list of natural stones.
  3. 3. No home designer can deny the role of putting granite across the floors and the ceiling panels. Granite is a very popular construction material. It has three minerals in its composition namely quartz, plagioclase feldspar and alkaline feldspar. Impurities in granite include the likes of clay, bitumen, biotite mica and hornblende. It is a very hard natural stone with strong dimensional property that suits the applications in flooring, paving, wall cladding and ceiling. Indian granite tiles are also used as kitchen countertops. Granite
  4. 4. Slate Indian Slatestone Slabs are ideal alternatives for marble slabs. The shiny surface has a hard texture owing to the presence of mica and quartz, in addition to feldspar, magnetite, haematite and calcite. It also contains colourful impurities like chlorite which imparts differential pattern and moulting to the Indian slate stone slab layers. Slates can be used in dry places as well as in moisture-ridden spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and loos. Its weather-proof applications make the Indian slate stone a commercial home development material.
  5. 5. Limestone Slabs Limestone remains the favourite sculpting material for artists and masons. Made of calcite which is the mineral form of calcium carbonate, the limestone slabs are mostly found in white, pale grey as well as black colours. The Indian limestone slabs can be easily machined and cut into desired shapes and sizes. The Indian limestone slabs are used in flooring, cladding and vanity tops. They are also used as restoration materials to reinstate old monuments, graveyards and stonework construction.
  6. 6. Sandstone Have you ever built a sand castle by the sea? Unlike the sand castles, houses made of Indian sandstone slabs are strong and last many generations through quakes, rains, hails and fire. The sandstone blocks are made of compressed sand grains infused with quartz, feldspar and calcite minerals. Organic rock matters in the Indian sandstone slabs deliver wide range of colour assortments ranging from red, brown, rosy hue, grey and purple shades. They are extensively used in flooring as well as in paver paths.
  7. 7. Marble Marble remains the heartthrob of home decorators and home builders. Indian marble consists of calcite and dolomite. The metamorphic limestone block turns into marble under pressure and action of nature’s force. Marble remains the aesthetic choice of home owners who prefer to lay their floors and kitchen with exquisite marble slabs. The coloured marbles are just as popular as the pure white stones. The Indian Marble Stones are used in columns, ceilings, claddings and facades.
  8. 8. Quartzite Silica fuses into a solid form like sandstone to produce a crystalline natural stone structure called Quartzite. The silica-quartz binding makes quartzite a firm and hard stone material that resembles the texture of a black marble slab. It is a durable stone material used for interior as well as external spaces.
  9. 9. Get In Touch Adderss - Gokul Path , Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021 Phone Number - +91-141-2219147 Emails - info@elegantgranites.com Website - http://www.elegantgranites.com/slates-stone-slabs.html