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Label whores power point slideshare

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Label whores power point slideshare

  1. 1. Label Whores Trend Report: Spring 2010 Brought to you by: Richard Obi, Sarah Reed, Lesley Renick, Joanna Schmidt, Emily Wiley
  2. 2. Label Whores Consumer Characteristics: Consumer Characteristics
  3. 3. Social Theories:Label Whores -Social Identity • People’s self esteem is established and maintained by affiliating with members of social groups that are already deemed to be attractive, thus automatically placing themselves into that category • Plastering brands all over clothing is typically only done for the viewing of others to promote jealousy or attention • Label whores don’t dress for themselves, they dress for other people to make themselves stand out and be noticed, giving them a place in the public eye Social Theories
  4. 4. Label Whores Social Theories: -Social Comparison • People gain satisfaction about themselves and their appearance when they are looked at and judged by others • By looking to different mediums such as television, internet, and magazines, label whores can form their own opinions of how others view them, leading them to decide how they want to be viewed • Fond of shopping while wearing brand name clothing to allow other label whores to see them and judge them, gives a sense of accomplishment if a label whore is caught eyeing another label whore’s clothing Social Identities
  5. 5. Label Whores Social Theories: -Conspicuous Consumption • Almost everyone will purchase a good because of the external benefits that come along with it • conspicuous consumption was originally involved in a high degree of buyer sophistication coupled with a propensity for expensive goods • some enterprises are decorating their offices to the nines, taking first class flights, and pedaling expensive vehicles, all of which is in the name of being portrayed as a highly successful entity. Social Theories
  6. 6. Label Whores Social Theories: -Conspicuous Consumption • A woman’s inner desire to stand out in any shape, form, or fashion is what drives her to shop in exclusive locations •Since one cannot carry their house or their automobile with them wherever they go, the only visible display of wealth while on-the-go is clothing •a true symbol of wealth is the accumulation of three indicators of the leisure class which are not easily copied: a house, which is a stationary symbol of status, a car, a temporary mobile symbol of status, and clothing, a permanent mobile symbol of status. Social Theories
  7. 7. Label Whores Influential Factors: -External -Internal Influential Factors
  8. 8. Label Whores Synopsis of consumer group: Synopsis
  9. 9. Trend Report:Label Whores Spring 2010 • Designer shorts/skirts by True Religion, 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, and Rock and Republic. • Jump suits and Rompers by DKNY, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Badgley Mischka •Floral, stripes, abstract, bold, or subdued patterns •Sheer Fabrics, layers, delicate and feminine draping •Chunky accessories by Betsey Johnson
  10. 10. Trend Report: FallLabel Whores 2010 •Printed items continue from spring/summer in tops and outerwear •All things military as a tribute to the armed forces • Thicker fabrics, mainly leather and furs by Chanel and Burberry •Trench Coats in thicker fabrics