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Emily Wiley CV

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Emily Wiley CV

  1. 1. Emily Wiley150 Estelle LaneAllen, Texas, 75002, United States(214)205-5627emilywiley12@yahoo.comE-Portfolio: http://wileyunt.wordpress.com/ObjectiveI am a soon to be college graduate seeking a full-time entry level position in the fashion industry.Professional ExperienceSTANLEY KORSHAK DALLAS, TEXASUNITED STATESBridal Department Buying InternAugust 2012 - December 2012 Created itemized spreadsheet documenting inventory sales from 2011-2012 Assisted with Purchase Orders Assisted Consultants with Bridal appointments and sales Assisted the Assistant Buyer with Preparations for New York Market Week Unloaded, Merchandised, and promoted trunk shows Assisted in-house designer with clients and appointments Performed administrative duties such as answering the phone, copying, faxing, running errands, shipping, and checking the mailLA BELLE AGENCYDALLAS, TEXASUNITED STATESInternJune 2012 - August 2012 Performed Human Resource duties such as reviewing resumes and cover letters, choosing who to interview, pre-interviewing, and posting job descriptions on University and Job Search websites Served as Project Manager for photo shoot Proposal Performing administrative duties such as answering the phone and emails Searched for over a thousand local vendors for event sponsorship in multiple cities Assisted with styling and directing photoshoots Assisted with photo shoot submission to Vogue Italia Participated in a photoshoot for a local Dallas magazine Created photoshoot proposalsTHE PARKERS GROUPLONDON, UNITED KINGDOMInternSeptember 2011 - December 2011
  2. 2. Assisted with administrative duties such as answering the phone, answering emails, and running errands Merchandise new products lines and presented them to buyers from around the United Kingdom Assisted with unpacking new lines and making sure we received the correct pieces Sales Associate during the sample saleEducationUNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXASDENTON, TEXASUNITED STATESBachelors of Science in Fashion Merchandising, December 2012 Studied Fashion merchandising, fashion design, product development, and textiles New York Study Tour May 2009 Visited GQ magazine, Club Monaco, Kohl’s, mannequin factories, trend forecasters, buyers, and showrooms Shadowed the Product Developer of Mens Sunwear at Fossil duringtheFall of 2008UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTERLONDON, UNITED KINGDOMStudy Abroad Fall 2011 Studiedthe Role of Design in the Fashion Industry, Global Sourcing and Product Development, Learned about the fashion industry abroad and in the U.K.Student Organizations and Associations MERCHANDISING, INCMember, August 2008-December 2012 EAGLE ANGELSMember, August 2009-December 2010 NATIONAL SOCIETY OF COLLEGIATE SCHOLARSMember,August 2009- December 2012Additional Skills Proficient in Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel International work experience Keeping up with fashion industry news and trends via fashion magazines 3 years of retail experience including sales and visual merchandising 6 years customer service experience Traveled to Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, several places in England, Japan, Paraguay, Brazil, Curacao, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Hawaii