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a basic standard of life women’s rights the birthrights of life and security dignity and equality the security of personal freedom the entitlement to justice sanctity and security of private life: islamic state human rights human rights mentioned in quran quantifiers standard form categorical syllogism concepts relating to syllogism generally syllogism existential import of categorical propositions aeo-2 predicate subject oie-1 aei-2 categorical syllogism copula logic and reasoning aee-2 categorical proposition aea-2 quality of categorical propositions logic modes and figures of categorical syllogism definiton of easement transfering of easment termination apparent and non apparent easement public and private easement mode of acquisation of easement continous and discontinous easement termination of who may impose easement termintion of easement who may acquire easement duration of easement revivial of easement release of joint promises right of joint promises by whom contract must be 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