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Study abroad and build your carrier

Educloud is the premier advising group assisting international students (and families) determine the best route for study at a college or university in world. Edu cloud is an international professional Association. Started in 2008, the Association's headquarters is located in the Frankfurt Germany.

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Study abroad and build your carrier

  2. 2. Why Anyone Should Study Abroad?  You will learn new language.  You will learn new culture.  You will come to know about your skills.  It will enhance the value of your degree and improve your ability.
  3. 3. Expenses  Some countries don’t charge, so it will be low- cost.  Some have 1k to 9k+ tuition per semester, expenses
  4. 4. How do I pay for Studying Abroad?  Student aid  School’s study abroad program  Fellowships, grants
  5. 5. Where You Will Be Living?  Many students study in abroad countries.  You will meet with fellow Salisbury Students as well as local students in your country. MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY
  6. 6. Adding Value to your Degree  Linking a minor to your degree is a smart choice Classes taken abroad can be applied to a minor It can enhance your communication major as well
  7. 7. Contact Us: • Address: Educloud pvt Ltd, 3rd floor, Raja ram kumar plaza, Hazratganj, Lucknow • Phone: +918601616555, 0522-4006340 • Email: ashwani.educloud@gmail.com • Website: http://educloude.com/
  8. 8. THANK YOU