knowledgecuddle knowledgecuddle publication knowledgecuddle publication ijrae international journal of research in advance engin knowledgecuddle publication ijces computer engineering information technology ijrae information security mobile ad hoc network alkesh mavani nilesh bhatt kedar bhojak porosity aluminum purification green technology for aluminum purification dissolved hydrogen ultrasonic degassing hardness ultrasonic treatment to molten fem©™ aluminum a job stress management business information science a study on the influence of job stress in organisa wireless sensor network a study on fingerprint (biometrics) recognition fingerprint information secuirty. a basic knowledge of image morphing steganography image steganography techniques a survey of image based steganography comparative analysis of cryptographic algorithms a documenting software architectural component and c secure digital signature schemes based on hash fun efficient string matching algorithm for intrusion an overview of security issues in mobile ad hoc ne drashti patel sparsely refugee migrant immigrant process migration and load balancing nainesh rawani akhil patel java application sim programming object study of java card and its application pandya aniket augmented reality bhavesh vaghasiya virtual keyboard camera p-ism battery wireless connectivity bluetooth cpu pen display a study paper on 5 pen pc technology siddhapara milan v. animal voice morphing animal voice morphing system jaydeep chhatbar template matching iris recognition image capturing feature extraction localization a study of iris recognition temporal boundaries video content analysis metadata clustering parsing shots key frames yamini gupta a survey on video content analysis mital darji vikram agrawal 3des throughput blowfish performance comparison and enhancement of blowfish des aes dharmesh patel kinjal mehta finite field digital signature elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ecdsa) a survey on elliptic curve cryptography public key infrastructure (pki) elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) sarika p.patel ravi k sheth diffie-hellman rsa (rivest shamir and adleman) ecc (elliptic curve cryptography) asymmetric key cryptography analysis of cryptography techniques symmetric key cryptography dsa (digital signature algorithm) prof. sanjay patel prof. nikunj patel prof. vipul patel prof. sanjay prajapati simulation and hardware implementation of grid con inverter maximum power point tracking (mppt) module psim grid boost converter pv module piracy in musical audio-visual production and dist forensics trafficking economics deregulation piracy music and video broadcasting & distribution
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