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Eshopping bazar company catalogue

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Eshopping bazar catalogue, company presentation,EB items . Eshopping Bazar profile

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Eshopping bazar company catalogue

  1. 1. QUALITY AND GOOD SERVICE ISTHE SOUL Of Eshopping Bazar www.eshoppingbazar.co.uk Eshopping Bazar Jewelry Store
  2. 2. The Factory Profile  Established in 2011, Licester Uk is a professional manufacturer of various engagement and wedding ring sets. Our products include ladies’ & men's fashion clothes, rings and other jewelry. Most of the products are exported to United States, France and United King and China with high quality. During over 4 years of successful operation, we have made friends in the field around the world. We experienced to produce the sterling silver rings for kinds of worldwide famous brands such as Ara in Germany, E-land in south Korea, Basic House in South Korea. Currently our factory has more than 200 skilled workers with 4 workshops from tailoring department, sewing department, printing department and high frequency department to packing department.  With highly qualified R&D department and in house quality control department, we can provide our clients with the latest best selling bags and meet the quality standards. All the while, our bags are based on superior quality, competitive price and good reputation among clients for years. Whatever you budget, we aim to deliver and ensure your satisfaction. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with both our premium service and unique merchandise. Our services: 1) Pre-sales: quick counter-offer and good sampling service; 2) Before dispatch: reporting the production situation and the result of quality inspection; 3) After-sales: notification of all documents.
  3. 3.  Threemonth warranty  Ourprofessionalservicebefore andafter sale  Thefree sampleorder after your firsttwo orders  Thereasonableprice  Youwillbe satisfiedon therightscheduleand quality
  4. 4.  Wecan makeyouany designon order, anysize,anystone, anymetal plating.  Companyisvery caringandsatisfiesits. customerat anycost.  Fullmoneybackguarnateeifyou did not getyour item /notas described.
  5. 5. http://bit.ly/1OjNSEc http://bit.ly/1XNKNx7
  6. 6. http://bit.ly/1JPSGM2 http://bit.ly/1Oeuzgc
  7. 7. http://bit.ly/1RWhvxD http://bit.ly/1KSTq5n
  8. 8. http://bit.ly/1MmcIDa http://bit.ly/1OCxkcv
  9. 9. http://bit.ly/1YWy7Vk http://bit.ly/1YVtosh
  10. 10. http://bit.ly/1R39Q0t http://bit.ly/1YVss7a
  11. 11. http://bit.ly/1R3aaMI http://bit.ly/1ZFTWL1
  12. 12. http://bit.ly/1Q0agjX http://bit.ly/1mvahU9
  13. 13.  Eshoppingbazarprovidesfree shippingto all countries,estimated timeis written below.  USA:12 to 17 days  UK:15 to 20 days  Ireland: 15 to 20 days  Canada :20 days  All other countries: 7 to 25 days  Companyprovidestrackedshipping
  14. 14.  Weuseall metalsbut 99.9"%“ items arein 925 sterling silver.While somefashionjewellerymetal is  Alloy  Copper  Silver Filled/Plated
  15. 15.  WeuseCubicZirconiaAAAgrade ,but allotherstones as well.
  16. 16.  We have a facebook page where we give free items to our fans.(https://www.facebook.com/sanijewell eryuk/?fref=ts) & winners are announced at (http://www.estaily.com/competition- winners/ )
  17. 17.  Invite your friends to our facebook page  Promote us in your friends and family  Send us a review(Pictures, text, video)
  18. 18. Fans sent us pictures Fans sent us pictures
  19. 19. Fans sent us pictures Fans sent us pictures
  20. 20.  Web: http://www.eshoppingbazar.co.uk/  Gmail: eshoppingbazar@gmail.com  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sanijewelleryuk/?fref= nf  Youtube: eShopping Bazar  Twitter: eshoppingbazar  BLOG: estaily.com
  21. 21.  Company never asks money from fans for giveaways, if you give any money to someone we are not responsible  The giveaway items are our sample pieces which can be silver plated  Company is not responsible to pay return postage