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eMarketer Webinar: Social Media Marketing on Mobile Devices

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This webinar explores how consumers’ social media usage is shifting, how their social activities differ on the desktop vs. mobile, and what businesses can do to embrace the new opportunities that the mobile environment provides.

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eMarketer Webinar: Social Media Marketing on Mobile Devices

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 28, 2013 Social Media Marketing on Mobile Devices Sponsored by:Debra Aho WilliamsonPrincipal Analyst ©2011 eMarketer Inc.
  2. 2. Mobile isrewritingthe rules ofsocial mediamarketingNow, go do thesame things in mobile ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  3. 3. Your brand’s social media presence has gotten smallerTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  4. 4. But small can be powerful: Mobile offersnew opportunities ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  5. 5. Key Trends  Desktop social media usage is starting to fall, while mobile and tablet social media usage is increasing.  There are significant differences in the ways consumers use smartphones and tablets for social media.  Facebook marketing has become more complex, with less focus on desktop-oriented brand pages and more focus on the newsfeed.Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  6. 6. The Mobile Migrationis Happening Quickly ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  7. 7. The desktopwill nolonger bethe coresocial mediauserexperience ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  8. 8. This year, 60% of US social network userswill come in via mobile phone ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  9. 9. As mobilesocial mediausagegrows,desktopusage isstarting toslip ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  10. 10. Thesmartphoneand thecomputerareapproachingparity forseveralsocial mediaactivities ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  11. 11. The same trends are evident in markets outside the US, too  UK: 42% of mobile phone users accessed a social network/blog via their phone in July 2012. (Source: comScore)  Australia: 61% of mobile phone users visited a social networking site from their phone in 2012. (Source: Australian Interactive Media Industry Association)  India: 92% of smartphone users accessed social media content from their phone daily in Q2 2012— well above the US’s 73%. (Source: InSites Consulting)Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  12. 12. Why is this important? Social networksnow take up 10% of mobile time ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  13. 13. Facebookusers arequicklygravitatingtowardmobile 64% of total active users ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  14. 14. The number Q4 2012:of 157mobile-only millionFacebookusers is 23% ofrising fast + total Q3 2012: 25% mobile 126 QoQ users million 21% of total mobile users Source: Facebook 2012 annual report; eMarketer calculations ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  15. 15. Facebook’s CEO is committed tomobile “Mobile is the perfect device for Facebook for three reasons. It allows us to reach more people. We have more engagementsfrom the people who we reach. And I think we’llalso be able to make more money for each minute people spend with us on their mobile devices.” —Mark Zuckerberg, speaking during Facebook’s Q4 2012 earnings call ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  16. 16. Twitter usage also leans heavilymobile60% of worldwide active users access theservice via mobile. In the UK, 80% do.“When you look at the behavior of mobile users on Twitter, they are double digit more likely to re-tweet, double digit more likely to reply” compared to non-mobile users.—Joel Lunenfeld, Twitter’s vice president of global brand strategy ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  17. 17. Twitter users who access the service primarily via mobile are:  86% more likely to be on Twitter several times a day compared to non-primary mobile users.  Younger than other users, but evenly split by gender.  169% more likely to use Twitter while shopping.  96% more likely to follow 11 or more brands.Source: Twitter and Compete, February 2013Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  18. 18. The ComplicatedDevice Landscape ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  19. 19. The social media audience isfragmenting across devices ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  20. 20. Marketersusually lumptablets andsmartphonestogether ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  21. 21. But people don’t use them the same way when it comes to social mediaImage (left): adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.net ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  22. 22. Smartphoneand tabletusers usesocial mediaat a similarrate ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  23. 23. But smartphone users are more likely to access social media dailyTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  24. 24. And theuse cases Tabletfor socialmedia aredifferent ontablets vs. Phonephones ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  25. 25. Understanding context is criticalSocial media marketing campaigns must beadjusted to account for differences in tabletand mobile phone usage patterns.“When users are accessing social experiences from their smartphones, emphasis needs to be put on how you’regoing to let them communicate. … [On] the tablet, all the emphasis changes to content publishing.” ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  26. 26. Facebook’s ChangesCreate NewChallenges forMarketers ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  27. 27. Facebook’s mobile shift reducesmarketers’ creative palette ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  28. 28. The changes add new layers ofcomplexity“How do I get somebody who’s got their phonein their pocket to pull it out, click on Facebookand then click on my content? That’s reallyhard to do, and it’s just not as frictionlessas it used to be.” “If Facebook doesn’t make it possible for us to have a seamless integration between our wall and our tabs when someone’s coming from mobile, there’s only so much we can actually do to … make the consumer experience better.” ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  29. 29. As more Facebook users gravitate to mobile, new decisions must be made Marketers should consider:  De-emphasizing brand pages. Mobile users aren’t able to access some brand page content.  Focusing on the newsfeed. Produce content that will be compelling enough to surface in a user’s newsfeed.  Moving toward seamless experiences across devices. Allow users to pick up where they left off as they move from device to device.Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  30. 30. Case Study: How Intuit’s Facebookstrategy changedOld strategy: “It used to be that everycampaign was centered around a gorgeousFacebook tab with a promotional call toaction, and it was a creative extension of yourtraditional marketing campaign.”New strategy: “These days, you really dohave to have robust photos, video, text andcontent on the wall and the timeline.”—Adrian Parker, group marketing manager of social,mobile and emerging media at Intuit ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  31. 31. The Intuit Innovators program: Cementing social/mobile integration 1. Invite small-business owners and financial professionals to share stories The goal: Help accounting professionals grow their business; encourage them to use Intuit’s mobile training tools.Image: Intuit ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  32. 32. The Intuit Innovators program:Cementing social/mobile integration2. Allow users to submit via multiplemethods, including mobile or desktop3. Use paid media to promote the contest ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  33. 33. The Intuit Innovators program: Cementing social/mobile integration 4. Mobile training products include social sharing capabilitiesImages: Intuit ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  34. 34. The Intuit Innovators program: Cementing social/mobile integration Results:  Increased Facebook reach 5x in one week  Facebook post about the Innovators contest received 851 ‘likes’ – a record amount  People who did training via mobile were twice as likely to recommend QuickBooks Online to a friend or colleague “It’s no longer enough just to have a flashy sports car. Now you actually need to have something to talk about over dinner.” —Adrian Parker, IntuitTwitter – #eMwebinar ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  35. 35. Facebook says: Consider the currentlimitations a ‘transition step’It wants marketers to get their feet wetwith mobile first, then expand the toolset“If I [as a marketer] want people to ‘like,’ comment, share and engagewith a post on my page, I can bring that to the mobile device. If,however, you’re trying to send people to an app, it is acompletely new set of things you have to think about.” ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  36. 36. Another way Facebook is trying to solvethe problem: AdsFacebook can charge more for mobileads; desktop ads are getting cheaper ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  37. 37. Strategies for theMobile Migration ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  38. 38. Marketers believe the intersection ofmobile and social will be positive According to a 2012 ANA/MediaVest survey on mobile marketing, 74% of companies called the mobile/social convergence either “very” or “extremely” beneficial. However, 35% felt their internal organization would be too siloed to take full advantage of mobile, echoing concerns marketers had about social media a few years ago. ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  39. 39. 1. Sync up mobile and social teams within the organizationMarketers such as Intuit and Capital One havenamed one executive to lead both disciplines “Our goal has been to solve for mobile and social in tandem. We do campaign planning across both to reach the highest level of engagement.” —Adrian Parker, Intuit ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  40. 40. Good news: Integrating mobile and social pays dividends down the roadImage: ddpavumba / FreeDigitalPhotos.net ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  41. 41. 2. Consider going mobile-first for socialmedia initiativesThe smaller palette forces you to focus onwhat’s most important“The most engaged folks on social networksare people who are accessing via mobile.How do we make the social experience forthem mobile at the core?”—Chia Chen, senior vice president and mobilepractice lead at Digitas ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  42. 42. Case study: Mobile boosts SmartWoolcampaign engagement 32% of entries and 75% of traffic to the app came via mobile 298% increase in “People Talking About This” number was attributed to mobile Key to success: Facebook app was optimized for mobileImage and stats: Friend2Friend ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  43. 43. SmartWool: Desktop is still primary, butmobile is coming on strong “The thinking is that you design it for the web and then optimize it for the phone. But we’re reconsidering this and thinking about optimizing for mobile first.” — Molly Cuffe, senior manager of global brand communications at SmartWoolQuote: AdExchanger, January 25, 2013; image: Friend2Friend ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  44. 44. 3. Don’t alienate your friends Sending users from a mobile social media campaign to a webpage that is not mobile-optimized is a recipe for irritation.Image: imagerymajestic / Freedigitalphotos.net ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  45. 45. Does the image on the left look familiar?Marketers that create Facebook apps mustensure the apps work on mobileImages: Friend2Friend ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  46. 46. Social media promotions need extra care Branded apps must be configured for mobile. Apps designed for the desktop may not work. Lower the barrier to entry. Entry forms should be simple and mobile-integrated. Provide options. Give users the ability to upload content or images with any device. For many brands, mobile is becoming a dominant source of content submissions. ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  47. 47. 4. Imagery is more important than ever ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  48. 48. But there’s no one-size-fits-all creativeexecution Must click to see image Facebook Twitter Instagram ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  49. 49. The goal:An imagethat stopsthe swipe ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  50. 50. Conclusions Act NOW to take advantage of the mobile migration. 23% of Facebook mobile users are already mobile-only; Twitter also leans heavily mobile. Think smaller when it comes to Facebook marketing. Changes are forcing more focus on newsfeed content, imagery and ads. Mobile and social are forever intertwined. Marketing teams that consider both platforms holistically have significant advantages and avoid creating campaigns that work on one platform but not the other. ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  51. 51. Speaker Profile Maya Grinberg Chief Evangelist, Social Media Manager at Wildfire •Huffington Post •Social Media Examiner •Social Media Today Google.com/+mayagrinberg @papayamaya @wildfireappWildfire, a division of Google | wildfireapp.com | 888. 274.0929 | wildfire@google.com Confidential and Proprietary 51
  52. 52. Delivering an optimized experience on mobile is essential• Auto-optimized for the device’s display• Design once, run everywhere – smartphone, tablet, desktop Smartphone Tablet Smartphone Tablet• Seamless, consistent Desktop customer experience regardless of device• Engage mobile users – the fastest-growing method to access social mediaWildfire, a division of Google | wildfireapp.com | 888. 274.0929 | wildfire@google.com Confidential and Proprietary 52
  53. 53. Wildfire by Google • One of the largest providers of Serve 30 of World’s Top 50 Brands social media marketing software • Founded in 2008, acquired by Google in August 2012 • 21,000+ paying customers in 130+ countries • Powered 250K+ campaignsWildfire, a division of Google | wildfireapp.com | 888. 274.0929 | wildfire@google.com Confidential and Proprietary 53
  54. 54. Wildfire Social Marketing Suite • Integrated platform for brand engagement, amplification, and monetization • Data-driven content creation and publishing Messages Pages Ads Promotions • Real-time measurability Campaigns • Engagement • Referrals • Benchmarking • Competitive and analytics • Comprehensive Analytics management and control • Advanced ads optimization platformWildfire, a division of Google | wildfireapp.com | 888. 274.0929 | wildfire@google.com Confidential and Proprietary 54
  55. 55. Q&A Session Learn more about mobile marketing with an eMarketer corporate subscriptionSocial Media Marketing on Mobile Devices About 200 eMarketer reports are published each year. The following are a few recent ones you may be interested in:  Social Media Marketing on Mobile Devices: Turning Challenges into Opportunities  Mobile Display Ad Types: Move Over Banner Ads, You’ve Got Company  Meeting the Need for Speed: How Social Debra Aho Williamson Analytics Support Real-Time Marketing  Key Digital Trends for 2013 You will receive an email tomorrow with a link to  US Tablet User Forecast: A Double-Digit view the deck and Growth Market Through 2016 webinar recording. Sponsored by: To learn more: www.emarketer.com/products Wildfire by Google 800-405-0844 or webinars@emarketer.com ©2012 eMarketer Inc.