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Dusjagr swilabs on_hackteria

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Brief overview of recent activities of hackteria, collaboration for events like GOSH, BioFabbing or BHRK17 and more.

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Dusjagr swilabs on_hackteria

  1. 1.     SWILABS Meeting – Hackteria | Reflections and Overview WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN BIOHACKERS or how I ended up making cheese Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller aka dusjagr  www.dusseiller.ch/labs Lugano – Nov 2017
  2. 2.     What has this to do with Coconuts?
  3. 3.     DIY / DIWO Do It Yourself / Do It With Others Why Making is not Hacking
  4. 4.     $ 10 Years SGMK ­ 2016  Festival of Mechatronic Arts
  5. 5.     Maker, Art & Tech Workshops for Kids
  6. 6.     Hackerspaces merging  Digital­ and Biotechnologies
  7. 7.     But what is Biohacking?But what is Biohacking?(It‘s about Life!!!)(It‘s about Life!!!) Also called:Also called: DIY (Do It Yourself) BiologyDIY (Do It Yourself) Biology Community Driven BiologyCommunity Driven Biology (Grinders / Self-Improvement)(Grinders / Self-Improvement) Topics:Topics: Playful Genetic Engineering / SynBioPlayful Genetic Engineering / SynBio Homebrew DNA testing/sensingHomebrew DNA testing/sensing Environmental monitoring / Citizen ScienceEnvironmental monitoring / Citizen Science Body Hacking / Self-diagnosticsBody Hacking / Self-diagnostics Building your own laboratoryBuilding your own laboratory Interdisciplinary approaches with Art&DesignInterdisciplinary approaches with Art&Design Science for the People:Science for the People: Democratization of tools and knowledgeDemocratization of tools and knowledge
  8. 8.     Open Source Biological Art DIY Biology Generic Laboratory Infrastructure Global Network Radical Transdisciplinarity
  9. 9.     DIY microscopy Repositioning of the lens turns a  cheap webcam into a microscope
  10. 10.     DIY microscopy Build a stable stage for fine focusing, example from ArtSci BLR
  11. 11.     Kit or no Kit? Workshopology!
  12. 12.     Opening the Black Box study it, learn, reflect ­ Hack it! Thinking outside of the Box First you got to study what's in the Box
  13. 13.     It's a website (and a wiki) http://hackteria.org/wiki/Generic_Lab_Equipment http://hackteria.org/wiki/Generic_Lab_Equipment Hackteria Wiki – Large resource, but hard to find stuff
  14. 14.     How IHow I StoppedStopped Started to WorryStarted to Worry
  15. 15.     GOSH – Global Open Science Hardware http://openhardware.science/
  16. 16.     Open Science is here to stay *Jean-Claude Burgelman (Head of Unit Science Policy, Foresight and Data, at European Commission) Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou ­ http://www.projetsoha.org/ Conference: Biohacking in the Medical Field ­ Yaoundé, May2017
  17. 17.     BioFabbing Convergence http://citizensciences.net/biofabbing/
  18. 18.     Biohack Retreat Klöntal
  19. 19.     Biohack Retreat Klöntal
  20. 20.     Biohack Retreat Klöntal
  21. 21.