forensic science forensics microscopy csi physical evidences forensic identification crime scene investigation sem electron microscopy electron microscope scanning electron microscope sem-eds fsl branches of forensic science cfsl forensic science labs chromatography gas chromatography gc-ms analytical chemistry instrumental techniques lc-ms hyphenated techniques ftir comparison microscope stereoscopic microscope instruments in forensics microscope forensic investigation fluorescence microcope compound microscope polarized microscope lie detection technique polygraphy glass cracks glass fracture examination adoption maternity index missing child maternity disputes surrogacy paternity disputes forensic facial reconstruction morphometry anatomical landmarks superimposition techniques facial approximation facial recontruction morphoscopy facial muscles cranio facialidentification forensic anthropology ethnic origin dentine gustafson's method dentition child abuse cases bitemarks sex determination bite marks analysis dental malpractice cases mixed dentition animal teeth dental formula chemistry of glass criminalistics glass analysis hyoscine toxicology plant poisons dhatura atropine strychnos nux vomica aconitine aconitum strychnine brucine lens distortions astigmatism field curvature image aberrations distortion coma aberrations spherical aberration narcotics drugs of abuse papaver somniferum plant poison opium opioids poisons drugs morphine narco analysis beos forensic psychology probability of paternity dna evidence paternity testing forensic meddicine identification forensic dentistry odontology disaster identification age determination forensic odontology identification of living/dead persons paternity index forensic examination of glass narco analysis and beos
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