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Technology, apps, and websites you need to know about

Technology, apps, and websites you need to know about
Presented by Doug Green @dougjgreen
To the Winchester Kiwanis Club

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Technology, apps, and websites you need to know about

  1. 1. Tech+Apps+websites you need to know about Presented by Doug Green @dougjgreen douggreen@douggreenconsulting.com To the Winchester Kiwanis Club On computer, start Quicktime recorder On computer, start X-mirage On iPhone, airplay mirror to computer On iPhone, Turn on hotspot
  2. 2. Financial Paypal Bank of Clark County app, deposit checks with your phone Venmo for paying friends Personal Capital Overseas credit card, Capital One, no fees, best exchange rate Overseas cash, just use the ATM, many have no fees, best exchange rate It’s Deductible, TurboTax Expensify
  3. 3. Shopping Smile.amazon.com Use the Amazon app’s barcode scanner to compare prices when in a store. But be kind to local businesses, and buy from them. Target will match the Amazon price, you just have to go to customer service. Craigslist - story Groupon - email eBay NewEgg for computer parts (not so much anymore)
  4. 4. Entertainment Fandango Stubhub Netflix, Amazon video, HBO Now, Flixster, CBS.com, Hulu, YouTube (Comedy Central, Before the Flood), TED Talks IMDB SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Pandora
  5. 5. Travel Kayak - best for airfare, also check southwest.com Hotwire - best for cars VRBO, AirBnB Priceline TripAdviser reviews, Travelzoo newsletter Uber, Lyft Overseas use the Google Maps download feature Overseas phone, unlock your phone, get a local SIM card, or switch to TMobile
  6. 6. Photos Iphoto flickr
  7. 7. Food Yelp, reviews, what’s nearby, more than food Open Table - reverse a table
  8. 8. Communication and Connecting Overseas use skype for free/cheap calling, get a skype number for 3 months and forward your US number to the skype number so people can reach you. Google calendar and invites, for coordinating with friends Google hangouts Doodle for scheduling events Facebook, twitter #Slack for groups
  9. 9. Security Lastpass - passwords and notes, store pictures of your passport, credit cards, drivers license What is phishing? - verify links in emails, go directly to site Backup with Apple Time Machine, Backup with Backblaze Webcam cover KeyMe What is https verses http? Secure email encryption, I wish this was easier
  10. 10. Productivity Toggl to keep track of billable time Google docs, collaborative editing, no need to buy Office software OpenOffice, no need to buy Office software Skitch bit.ly/douggreen-hangout
  11. 11. iPhone tips Iphoto live is Harry Potter-ish, kinda cool (but turn it off to make photos smaller) Take picture of your iPhone screen Share contact to other iPhone users Use your phone as a wifi Hotspot Use your phone to play to an Airplay device Setup Do not disturb schedule, to avoid unwanted calls at night, very flexible to allow calls from contacts or favorites Use siri to set alarms and reminders, use while cooking for the perfect steak!
  12. 12. Learn to program Code.org Open Source - Drupal
  13. 13. Gadgets iPhone Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Trackr Nest Thermostat