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How To Get More Followers on Twitter - Twitter 201 Class

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My Twitter 201 Class is for farmers looking to get more people to follow your Twitter profile so you can have more engagement.

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How To Get More Followers on Twitter - Twitter 201 Class

  2. 2. How to gain a bigger AUDIENCE https://flic.kr/p/94M526
  3. 3. Share a lot more – try to make it the best content you can share but it doesn’t need to be perfect https://flic.kr/p/bS688 Video is best Images are next
  4. 4. Join Twitter Chats #foodchat #fdbloggers #recipes #foodporn #agchat #dairychat
  5. 5. Remember who you are talking to: People who aren’t farmers are amazed by the work you do and what you see – they want to see, too. https://twitter.com/gilmerdairy/status/519947653334188032
  6. 6. http://trends24.in/united-states/
  7. 7. Hootsuite.com
  8. 8. tweetdeck.com
  9. 9. tweetcaster.com
  10. 10. Setting up a “list” to answer questions.
  11. 11. Find interesting people to follow and have conversations with.
  12. 12. Use tools to manage your followers and following.
  13. 13. Check out your analytics to see how your tweets are doing.
  14. 14. Use tools to pull information together for campaigns.
  15. 15. What did we learn today 01 02 03 Bigger audience by more content and conversations. Use third-party apps to follow your lists. Use tools to see what fans/followers are reacting to and engaging with.