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21 Periscope Tips for Winning Broadcasts

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Periscope is fast becoming the video broadcasting and livestreaming tool of choice and is on a huge trajectory. Here are 21 things I have learned from jumping in on Periscope, so that you can jump in too!

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21 Periscope Tips for Winning Broadcasts

  1. Dive into 21 TIPS for Winning Broadcasts
  2. Video Broadcasting couldn’t BE any hotter right now. Sharing our world in real time with the world.
  3. Periscope is fast becoming the video broadcasting tool of choice and is on a huge trajectory.
  4. But to press that BROADCAST button can be intimidating at first.
  5. It’s a bit like ripping off a band aid – the earlier you jump in, the easier it is!
  6. Here are 21 things I’ve learned from diving into Periscope !
  7. Set Up Your Profile the Smart Way Tailor your Bio for Periscope. 1
  8. Include what you like to talk about, your website URL (use http://) & some emojis to catch attention.
  9. Watch Other Broadcasts First 2 See how others do it well, how it works, how the chat works, and get a feel for the platform.
  10. Create a Catchy Title for Your Broadcast Draw us in with your title. 3
  11. Be super obvious... or tease us! Make us want to watch your broadcast.
  12. Add Emojis to Your Title Emojis catch attention… 4
  13. …and make your title stand out on the Periscope feed.
  14. Be Discoverable Set your broadcast to auto- post to Twitter before you start live streaming. 5
  15. This setting sits just above the “Start Broadcast” Button.
  16. Start Simply Jump in slowly with a short broadcast! Just a few minutes is fine. 6
  17. Allow time for people to join in, say hi as they do, talk for a while (or show the view) & say goodbye.
  18. Start talking as soon as you hit Start Broadcast… and welcome people in!
  19. Consider Not Showing Your Face … at First Start out by showing what you see, not your face. It takes the pressure off! 7
  20. @EuroMaestro broadcasts around Paris and he’s rockin’ it. He doesn’t show his face. And that’s kinda cool!
  21. Announce Your Broadcast You will get more viewers if you announce it first. 8
  22. Give a “heads up” on Facebook or Twitter!
  23. Ease Into the Chat Managing the chat and talking can be tricky. Focus on interacting with viewers at the start and end of your scope - and your content in the middle. 9
  24. People like to be acknowledged but they also want to listen to YOU.
  25. Give Hearts to Other Broadcasters Focus on giving hearts to others. Good deeds often get reciprocated. 10
  26. Tap the right- hand bottom corner of the screen to release hearts (up to 500 in one session).
  27. Want More on Periscope? Get More Content here. Follow Donna Moritz @SociallySorted on Periscope!
  28. Heart the Hearts But Don’t Beg for Them! Ask for hearts in context but don't beg for them. Don't make content conditional on hearts. Organic is best. Focus on value! 11
  29. Focus on Followers and Shares Instead Hearts are nice but quality followers who engage and share your broadcasts are what count the most! 12
  30. Write Down What You Want To Cover in Your Scope13 When you're juggling a smart phone + key points + bunch of fun people wanting to interact with you, you’ll be glad you wrote down 2-3 points to cover!
  31. Have a “Welcome” Placeholder Image The broadcast will stream what YOU see first, not your face. Consider having an image on your screen with the title of your topic. 14
  32. If you’re outside, use the beauty around you as your intro image!
  33. TIP: Double tap the screen to change camera views. @ChocolateJohnny at Rose Bay
  34. Ask People to Share the Scope with Their Followers Remind your followers that they can share your scope live or during a replay: 15
  35. Swipe right (iOS) or swipe up (Android) to share the scope and invite viewers.
  36. Give first when asking for shares. Share other broadcasts first – it builds relationships!
  37. Scope Your Passion Not sure what to talk about? Scope the topic that you can talk about “underwater” - if you love the topic it will be natural for you.. like talking with a friend. 16
  38. Be Consistent Consistency attracts viewers like they are attracted to their favorite TV show! 17
  39. Be consistent (with style, clothing, location, message). Your audience will tune for “you” and “your style”. Be you and find your “thing”.
  40. But… Mix it Up Go outside vs inside your office. Show your “casual” after hours self. Change up your topics. Take us live to an event. 18
  41. Remember that Periscope is “Real Time Moments” ON Steroids Periscope has HUGE potential for a number of industries. It’s not just about taking us on a tour, it’s about taking us on a tour RIGHT NOW. 19
  42. In events, tourism, real estate or music industry? Start scoping NOW!
  43. “Product” Businesses can rock Periscope too. Watch @ChocolateJohnny in his offline shop, Perfection Chocolates in Sydney, Australia.
  44. Involve Your Followers Periscope is interactive. It's about people. 20
  45. Not sure what to talk about? Ask people – do a Q&A session or announce a topic that they can ask you about!
  46. Promote Your Scope Share the link to your replay with your social networks. Don’t like the scope? No sweat, you can delete the replay (it’s only up for 24 hours anyway). 21
  47. Set up a Periscope landing page on your website like this one at bit.ly/visualscope. Direct viewers to it. Mention it during your scopes. Hot Tip:
  48. Hot Tips to Finish  Periscope uses a LOT of data juice on your phone. Use WiFi where you can.  Need to hide your location? Switch off location services before broadcasting.  Switch phone to airplane mode then put WiFi on to stop call interruption.  Use an external lapel microphone for better audio quality.
  49. Want to learn more about Periscope? Get More Great Content here. Follow Donna Moritz @SociallySorted on Periscope!
  50. Production Team Design by DONNA MORITZ Images by www.SociallySorted.com.au