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Safeguarding2point0 at NESTA Reboot july 2010


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Safeguarding2point0 at NESTA Reboot july 2010

  1. 1. Making Gov2.0 meaningful http://safeguarding2point0.com
  2. 2. The thesis How can we draw on our knowledge of social technologies, service design techniques and local government to develop a new approach to safeguarding children through better connecting those individuals and organisations involved?
  3. 3. Putting the child at the centre
  4. 4. Start-up: open call for interest
  5. 5. Protecting children & saving money
  6. 6. It’s hard to pick up subtleties RESOURCES Complex cases involved with practitioners At risk and known to practitioners CASES Not at risk or not known to practitioners
  7. 7. Developing an approach
  8. 8. Funding and partners
  9. 9. Methodology •  Interviews with social workers at Westminster •  Interviews with a range of other professionals associated with safeguarding •  Shadowed a social worker for day •  Time with a mother and child •  Drew on previous ethnographic research at other Councils. •  Hosted 2 round table discussions with diverse steering group
  10. 10. Human networks matter GP Youth Worker Detective" Mother Other Sergeant Child Agency Social Teacher Worker
  11. 11. Prioritising the relationship Most social work teams (60%) are operating with a 20% - 30% vacancy rate and 12% turnover which means relationships aren’t consistent Association of Directors of Children's Services and Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
  12. 12. Prioritising the relationship “ In the beginning it was quite uncomfortable, you know, the teacher knows everything [about my psychotic episodes], but now I don’t care! I couldn’t care less!... Whatever information is going around about me, I don’t care. I’m more secure… I think it’s because I feel better supported by Jeffrey”
  13. 13. Communications and systems Used locally ICS: Integrated Children’s System (framework) SMS" Used locally A CAF: Common Assessment DECISION Framework IS MADE AND OR NEEDS TO BE eCAF: Electronic Common RECORDED Assessment Framework Used Nationally ContactPoint Or ContactPoint Replacement
  14. 14. Communications and systems “We used to know there was an issue by how thick the file was” “You should see my Desktop on my PC, there’s files everywhere. If I don’t have the file in front of me it doesn’t exist” “They asked me how I would improve ICS, I said just make it a big giant field. Everyone laughed, but I was serious” “I feel that we are trying to represent the content “I’d like to of a child’s life in a computer format. People are see my notes not like that and it makes me upset” like layers in photoshop” Source: : Jeffery Baker
  15. 15. Solutions
  16. 16. From hypothesis to practice How can we create value with what already exists, freeing up safeguarding teams’ time and enabling them to develop more effective safeguarding relationships and surface patterns for earlier intervention, sooner?
  17. 17. Proposed approach •  No capacity for more data entry •  More ‘human’ technology is needed •  Information-rich, visually light interface will show the ‘thickness’ of the file allowing the safeguarding professional to focus their efforts – and allow them more time to care and listen •  This will help those who are not currently receiving the same attention as the more serious cases, as well as those with existing relationships
  18. 18. Expected outcomes •  Intelligent and accurate picture of service users •  Visibility of subtle changes in circumstances •  Help to prioritise resources •  More time to prioritise relationships •  Mature approach to data •  Earlier intervention •  Relationships between practitioners enhanced
  19. 19. Data is not just for your filing cabinet Source: http://blog.newspaperclub.co.uk/2009/10/16/data-gov-uk-newspaper/
  21. 21. A web app could… Existing silos of data SHORT THOUGHTS SUMMARY RELATING ABOUT TO JOB A CASE Electronic Schools/ short form ICS Social Care social messaging Record security Application Data Web app Case Workers
  22. 22. Example UI – Social Worker (showing sensitive data) HOME | ICS | VISIT THE AUTHORITY INTRANET SMITH CASE STATUS CASE ACTIVITY I can no longer stand P.Diddy's - Height & weight (NHS) motivational "lotta work to do! let's go people!" Tweeting. He's like a + School attendance contestant on The Apprentice. 1 day ago JOHN SMITH’S TWITTER STREAM ICS CASE NOTES TAG CLOUD Feeling really fed-up 2day. Haven’t seen my son in 5 days and now I’m beyond caring. Brat. 1 day ago JOHN SMITH’S FACEBOOK STATUS Special consideration should be given to the sensitive nature of the content. LIVES WITH MOTHER & FATHER (MARRIED) 2 SISTERS 1 BROTHER father Context should be provided for ambiguous or emotive phrases, one Bruises way of doing this is showing snippets in roll-overs. ...I noticed the bruises were starting to fade.. ICS CASE NOTES TRENDING TOPICS # Missed appointment 12/04/10. Case Notes, PCT, Local Area. # # Upset appointment Missed read more # # Nutrition concerns Upset # # Uncle concerns Nutrition 6 Mo 3 Mo Now # Older friends # Uncle # Older friends
  23. 23. Phase two
  24. 24. Would Like To Meet
  25. 25. http://safeguarding2point0.com