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Blog.synergita.com go green-with_synergita_on_your_performance_management_process 2

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Blog.synergita.com go green-with_synergita_on_your_performance_management_process 2

  1. 1. Go Green with Synergita on your performance management process blog.synergita.com/2014/04/go-green-with-synergita-on-your-perf ormance-management- process/ Diya Jose Recently, we have been talking to a traditional company about their perf ormance management process. Fast growing, f ocussed on B2C segment. Customer excellence is critical f or them and want to make sure that entire organization f ocuses on customer centricity. All the processes and people KRA’s are designed around customer excellence – What is my contribution towards making my customer happy. Excellent thoughts. During this discussions, we also talked about how Synergita can save money f or them (or) f or that matter, any other organization – just on “cutting down the usage of paper”. - Processes are designed around f orms. You want to provide f eedback – there is a structured evaluation f orm. Just f ill it and submit. You need some help f rom your IT team on f ixing your computer – f ill out a support request f orm and submit it. So, f orms are the key. Since Perf ormance Appraisals become a record on an employee’s career, these f orms get into employee personal f ile. Imagine – if the organization has 1000 employees and they go through paper based appraisals, you get several f orms printed, re-printed, stored. Eventually, you need separate cabinet f or storing employee f iles. - Not just that – these print-outs are photo-copied, email out, spread across several desktops, etc. If you are going through a 360 degree f eedback and assuming an average of 5 peer f eedback, that leads to 5000 f orms. These are just couple of examples. On an average, in a perf ormance management f eedback cycle, an employee deals with: - Manager’s Feedback f orm - Peer f eedback / matrix manager’s f eedback f orm - Recommendation f orm (f or promotion, salary revision) - Feedback report (ultimate report which gets compiled f rom the above) - Appraisal letters (this itself is a separate process and huge work f or HR to f igure out how to structure the language between a “star perf ormer” to “Improving Perf ormer” to announcing promotions / role changes and salary changes. Employee tend to take atleast 5 print-outs during the course of one appraisal. If you do 4 f eedback cycles a year, then the problem (or opportunity f or saving) quadrapules. With Synergita, it is lot more easier to manage the process and eliminate lot of paper work that is resulting in employee inf ormation management and perf ormance management. Go green and save on paper. Move towards paperless of f ice.
  2. 2. For more inf ormation, please visit www.synergita.com Bio Latest Posts Diya Jose Asst. Manager- Talent Developer at Synergita I am an HR prof essional with over 3 years of experience in Perf ormance Management,Employee Recognition, Strategic HR, Competency Management,Talent planning, Employee management, hiring, resourcing, manpower planning, talent acquisition, employee retention and other HR activities. Latest posts by Diya Jose (see all) Go Green with Synergita on your perf ormance management process - April 25, 2014 Food f or thoughts – interesting books - March 5, 2014 Workshop on “Managing Perf ormance & Delivering Business Value” by Mali Mahalingam at Chennai - March 4, 2014 Related posts: 1. Synergita integrates with Medallia – Customer Experience Management Solution 2. Relax! It is just perf ormance appraisals ! 3. Subjectivity in perf ormance appraisals 4. Turn Perf ormance Management into Employee Development