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Making Sense of Analytics

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Presented at Social Media Breakfast Red Deer. Website and social analytics give you lots of data to look at, but what should you do with it? Learn how to make analytics work for you and understand how your various marketing and communication efforts are having an impact.

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Making Sense of Analytics

  1. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso MAKING SENSE OF ANALYTICS DANA DITOMASO
  2. #smbrd @danaditomaso What’s the point of analytics?
  3. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Are you spending time & money on the right things?
  4. #smbrd @danaditomaso What are the right things?
  5. #smbrd @danaditomaso Go back to your goals.
  6. #smbrd @danaditomaso Do you have goals or aspirations?
  7. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Are they realistic? Can they be measured?
  8. #smbrd @danaditomaso Increase total sales by 10% in Q4
  9. #smbrd @danaditomaso Communicate the social and economic value of (organization).
  10. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Break down every goal.
  11. #smbrd @danaditomaso (real client example)
  12. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Social Metrics
  13. #smbrd @danaditomaso Share of Voice Amount of overall conversation that’s about you vs your competitors.
  14. #smbrd @danaditomaso Influence Who is talking about your brand and what is their impact?
  15. #smbrd @danaditomaso Engagement Overall engagement on your posts.
  16. #smbrd @danaditomaso Not all engagement is created equal.
  17. #smbrd @danaditomaso Can lead to chasing engagement for the sake of engagement.
  18. #smbrd @danaditomaso Who is this for?
  19. #smbrd @danaditomaso But our engagement went down!
  20. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso This is the danger of boosted posts.
  21. #smbrd @danaditomaso Why do you want to attract the people who click like on anything?
  22. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Instead, break down that engagement.
  23. #smbrd @danaditomaso Amplification Rate Number of shares per post.
  24. #smbrd @danaditomaso Conversation Rate Number of comments per post.
  25. #smbrd @danaditomaso Applause Rate Number of likes per post.
  26. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso What is most important for you right now?
  27. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Reporting Tools
  28. #smbrd @danaditomaso https://www.rivaliq.com/
  29. #smbrd @danaditomaso https://buzzsumo.com/
  30. #smbrd @danaditomaso What can you automate?
  31. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Don’t forget Google Analytics.
  32. #smbrd @danaditomaso Google Analytics is a big liar.
  33. Audience > Overview
  34. #smbrd @danaditomaso Sessions: A group of interactions. More here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2731565
  35. #smbrd @danaditomaso More here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2992042 Users: The number of people who interacted with your site.
  36. #smbrd @danaditomaso Pageviews: The total number of pages viewed.
  37. #smbrd @danaditomaso Pages / Session: Pages viewed per session, on average.
  38. #smbrd @danaditomaso Avg Session Duration: Average time spent on site.
  39. Another Reason Why Session Duration Is Probably Wrong
  40. #smbrd @danaditomaso Bounce Rate: The percentage of single- page sessions. More here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009409
  41. #smbrd @danaditomaso % New: Percentage of “new” visitors.
  42. #smbrd @danaditomaso Your goal shouldn’t just be visits.
  43. #smbrd @danaditomaso There are better places to start.
  44. Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels
  45. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033867
  46. #smbrd @danaditomaso Build in “conversions”.
  47. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso “Reporting on last-click attribution in 2014 is like buying a football team and only paying the players who score.” -@anniecushing
  48. Conversions > Attribution > Model Comparison Tool
  49. Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Assisted Conversions
  50. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Give credit where credit is due.
  51. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso But then there’s Dark Social.
  52. #smbrd @danaditomaso You can’t actually track everything.
  53. #smbrd @danaditomaso Text Messages gchat Slack Private Browsing Gmail Apps
  54. #smbrd @danaditomaso http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/10/dark- social-we-have-the-whole-history-of-the-web-wrong/263523/
  55. #smbrd @danaditomaso Get this report: http://kickpoint.ca/dark-social-ga/
  56. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Automate what you can.
  57. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso Your job is insight, not data.
  58. #smbrd @danaditomaso#smbrd @danaditomaso THANK YOU! WANT MORE? KICKPOINT.CA/NEWSLETTER