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Instagram Advertising via Facebook

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In August, Instagram opened up their API's (application programming interface) to allow more businesses access to advertise on the platform. We've put together a brief document about how this is done via Instagram's parent company, Facebook.

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Instagram Advertising via Facebook

  1. 1. Instagram Advertising Via Facebook Sophie Burrows Instagram Advertising Via Facebook Sophie Burrows
  2. 2. Instagram Advertising Basics • In August, Instagram allowed more business’s to advertise on the platform • The ads fit in to a user’s news feed • Instagram suggest their adverts are 2.8 times more effective than other forms of online advertising • Call to action buttons include ‘Learn More’, ‘Install Now’, ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Shop Now’
  3. 3. What does Instagram advertising look like? • The same as normal posts on Instagram • Posts can be square or landscape • *sponsored* text in corner • Tapping the image will take user through to landing page https://www.facebook.com/business/help/976240832426180/
  4. 4. Example Instagram Advertising
  5. 5. How does it work through Facebook? • Using the Power Editor • Businesses of all sizes can create Instagram ads – but you must have a Facebook ad account • Instagram account isn’t needed but it is recommended – if you don’t have an account, the handle will be greyed out and you can’t view or respond to comments • Targeting options are the same as Facebook, including Custom and Look-a-Like • Campaigns can run with Facebook and Instagram adverts • Set ad objectives
  6. 6. How can I track what’s working? • Using the Power Editor or Ads Manager on Facebook • Campaign, Ad Set and Advert levels • Custom columns and reports
  7. 7. Updates to Instagram Advertising - Blog
  8. 8. Best Practice • Image size 1080 x 1080 pixels • Video size 30mb max • Caption limited to 300 characters • Avoid using URL’s within the caption • Use images relating to your brand • Use concept driven images • Make sure images are well crafted • Not too much text within the image
  9. 9. Can I do it? Instagram advertising is not currently available to everyone – but they are updating their preferences again in October and will be available more widely
  10. 10. Learn more SOPHIE BURROWS Digital Clarity www.digital-clarity.com