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Comparing journal apps : the Basel Workshop

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Workshop delivered for the Meet & Greet of Swiss Biomedical Librarians 2015 in Basel https://www.flickr.com/photos/slml/albums/72157656279668433

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Comparing journal apps : the Basel Workshop

  1. 1. Journal Apps Comparison of designed for personalized reading (medical) scientific literatur
  2. 2. BrowZine Docwise Read by QXMD Docphin was not compared due to time-issues
  3. 3. User Diversity
  4. 4. Off Campus ?
  5. 5. bit.ly/KeepingUpToDate
  6. 6. Who are they?
  7. 7. September 2011, teamsize: 12 atures: TOCs, Bookshelves, integration bibliographic software Next feature: bookshelves sync with web-version Tablet: iPad, Android SmartPhone: iPhone, Android Web: +
  8. 8. The Continuing Evolution of BrowZine http://browzine.com/
  9. 9. Evolution 1: July 2015 • Core benefits of the BrowZine Experience including: • Easily browse and read thousands of journals scoped to your library holdings and integrated into existing authentication system • Normalized browsing experience across hundreds of publishers • Virtual Reading Room concept preserved from the mobile platform to the desktop • Multiple points of entry: Link patrons either directly from your website or have them enter directly via browzine.com With thanks to BrowZine team for the preview slides.
  10. 10. Evolution 2: Fall 2015 • Curation, Personalization and Sync • Add your favorite titles to My Bookshelf to enable easy access to your favorite titles, organized in a way convenient just for you • Receive alerts when new issues are publishers in your favorite journals • Create multiple reading lists to flag titles for later use and share these lists with the world! • Complete the Ecosystem: Sync both My Bookshelf and reading lists across all formats of devices - small, medium and now large • Create custom links for your library to enable dynamic presentation of sets of titles for various purposes including promotion, highlighting of newly acquired titles and more! With thanks to BrowZine team for the preview slides.
  11. 11. With thanks to BrowZine team for the preview slides.
  12. 12. With thanks to BrowZine team for the preview slides.
  13. 13. November 2012, teamsize: 3 Key features: Flipboard-like view, pdf annotation, web-version Next feature: ? Tablet: iPad SmartPhone: iPhone Web: + Android: +
  14. 14. Docwise December 2012, now called Docnews; teamsize: 3 Key features: flipboard-like personalized updates, Search & Topic Alerts, Add any RSS. Next feature: ? Tablet: iPad SmartPhone: iPhone Web: - Android: -
  15. 15. Criteria for comparison • Registration process • User Interface • Performance • Access to full text • PDF view + extra's • Share options • "Open In" other Apps • Notifications • Search Options • Support Groningen, University Medical Center or Rijksuniversiteit Gron P108124 Matrixrevo1
  16. 16. Peak demo
  17. 17. Discover access issues very quickly be abled to act faster
  18. 18. Staff end personal subscriptions. Now they SEE what we have. It means they did not 'see' our collection before
  19. 19. The visible collection vs How to See What You Are Not Looking At.......
  20. 20. Very cooperative, fast adding of extra journals, Search topics & News Add/ Edit interface needs work
  21. 21. User interface, Annotations in pdf Mysterious topic drill down
  22. 22. Trending articles in Docphin community, The entering of ads
  23. 23. Browzine Docwise Read Docphin Registration User interface Performance Access full-text Pdf view & extra's Share "Open in" Notifications Search Support Gold BronzeSilver 4th (Subjective rating by course participants mixed with my experiences with the apps)
  24. 24. Gold BronzeSilver 4th
  25. 25. http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/214124292
  26. 26. Setting up Journal Apps http://bit.ly/JournalappsSet up
  27. 27. http://www.journaltocs.hw.ac.uk
  28. 28. http://www.terkko.helsinki.fi/feednavigator/
  29. 29. • http://www.libsuccess.org/index.php?title=M-Libraries#Publishers_offering_databases.2Finte
  30. 30. http://info.h5.com/Portals/179343/images/shutterstock_24639607.jpg O N E S I Z E D O E S N O T F I T A L L
  31. 31. Keep up to date
  32. 32. If you want to be seen as an expert ... ...then your expertise has to be seen Lorcan Dempsey http://www.slideshare.net/lisld/the-inside-out-library
  33. 33. http://www.rug.nl/umcg/bibliotheek http://about.me/digicmb http://rebelmouse.com/digicmb https://www.rebelmouse.com/JournalApps