radiology medical imaging radiography ultrasound mediacl imaging computed tomography radiation protection ct scan ct mri transducer anatomy aliasing artifact range ambiguity speed error side lobes/grating lobes refraction mirror image reverberation acoustic enhancement acoustic shadowing ultrasound image artifacts susceptibility artifacts truncation artifacts gibbs (ringing) artifacts ghost artifacts aliasing artifacts chemical shift artifacts zebra artifacts zipper artifacts motion artifacts dose calibration radiation dose measurement radiation penumbra isodose curves scatter air ratio tissue maximum ratio tissue air-ratio peak scatter factor percentage depth dose bragg-peak health and rehabilitation health program social changes and devience social changes and stress human adaptation social change factors of social changes meaning of social change social change and filtration filters half-value thickness quality specification units of radiation measurement collimator beam modifying devices x-ray beam restrictor and hetrogenous homogeneous impact on scatter electron build-up range of secondary electrons let transmission of x-ray linear energy transfer their production x-rays family population of india nuclear medicine atomic structure radiation and spectra quality assurance x-ray system guidelines for x-ray equip. mri coils mri safety mri procedures mri clinical applications gradient coil rf coil physical principle mri principle spect pet tomography chemical solution fixer developer radiography film development film processing principle of ultrasound seldinger technique dsa cta mra angiography clinical applications special procedure interventional radiology guidewire catheter roentgen mas kvp radiographic exposure ptc oral cholecystography(ocg) x-ray special procedure radiolpg micturating cystourethrogram usg radilograhy radiographic modalities latent image x-ray special proceduer retrograde urethrography advancement in ct scan grid radiographic grid uses of intensifying screen intensifying screen emergency in radiology gynecology x-ray interaction with matter contrast media anatomy is the study of the st general anatatomy
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