pharmaceutical salesforce assay for α-amylase assay for α-glucosidase house of quality matrix design for manufacturing and assembly 21 cfr ich investigational new drug application ind nda sop tata sky 4 p tata sky anda audit sales merck csr corporate social responsibility ethical ethical practices in pharma tata sky stp ftir quantative qualitative biochemical sample analysis:carbohydrates queuingtheory operation reserch entrepreneur meicine man of india entrepreneurship enterprise cadila healthcare cadila laboratory asha prayas eli lilly sewa piramal arogya parivar pharma rural marketing satsat 7 eswasthya sewa rural bsae of pyramid elvista invitro antidiabetic activity like evaluation of glucose absorption in vivo in vitro antidiabetic activity apical expression of glut2 perfusion of jejunal loops assaying α-glucosidase glucose absorption invivo sac technique carbohydrate test carbohydrates analysis carbohydrates hplc practical hplc method development snyder practical hplc method development practical hplc method development by snyder hplc by lough high performance liquid chromatography chromatographic analysis of pharmaceuticals second chromatographic analysis of pharmaceuticals chromatographic analysis adamovics chromatographic analysis of pharmaceutic designing product for the customer qfd dfa dfm dfma data capture clinical trial and protocol design trial and protocol design clinical trial project management ctd and e ctd submission ectd ctd clinical trial application in india 21 cfr part 50 21 cfr part 11 babe bioequivalancy be ba bioavailability gcp irb iec history of ich schedule y clinical trial registration in india new drug application application abbrivated new drug application phase 1 clinical trial phases of clinical trial drug discovery preclinical trial\ drug development current good manufacturing practices cgmp standard operating procedure matrial safety data sheet msd moa method of analysis amp bmr master formula record drug master file regulatory affair regulatory management concept tatasky swot tatasky swot attrition of sales force sales represrntative mr medical representative cadbury dairymilk cadbury dairymilk cadbury india pvt dexercalciferol genzyme para 4 roxane parafour para four control evaluation marketing audit marketing seles personnal market michel porter value chain value chain analysis pharma pharma project project management project bpm indian pharmacopoeia ip tablet usp tablet cims mass chemical ionization ms orginazation change project shakti hul top 10 selling hit product delphi sales forecasting salesforecasting
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