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The unbook

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What is an unbook? Join the conversation:

Or buy one and see for yourself!

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The unbook

  1. The unbook
  2. What is a book?
  3. What is an un book? ?
  4. A process created by many multigenerational participants. Exploration, not exhortation.” Jay Cross http://internettime.com “
  5. A living book A book that evolves over time. Each publishing event generates a new instance. As each new instance is born, the old one dies. version
  6. It’s not a book But it is a book
  7. The unbook has two goals:
  8. 1. Accelerate the path from idea to object. version
  9. 2. Accelerate the evolution of the object.
  10. A jazz session, participatory, in continuous motion, with rhythms open to interpretation and the constant generation of new pathways, new forms, a flow that divides as branches of meaning diverge into multiple streams.
  11. Every concept is a stepping stone that leads naturally to other ideas, and leads away from other, different constructions of meaning. As ideas are reconfigured, their meaning changes. Such is the history of science, art and ideas.
  12. On August 27, 2008, Jay and I spoke about the future of books.
  13. You can see/listen to a record of that call here: http://internettime.pbwiki.com/Conversations-about-Learning
  14. Here’s my unbook: Marks and Meaning Buy it here: lulu.com/content/3252489