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culture victoria lodlam lightningtalk

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Slidecast prepared for lightning talk at LODLAM morning 17 April 2011

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culture victoria lodlam lightningtalk

  1. 1. Linkedata in HE3 Use Cases (2 X UK + 1 X Aus)
  2. 2. Who am I? @DFFlandersDavid F. FlandersSenior Business AnalystANDS (since Jan 2012)Previously with the JISC,Digital InfrastructureTeam, Responsible forIdentifiers, Geospatial &Linkeddata Programmes#jiscEXPO
  3. 3. #jiscOpenBibhttp://openbiblio.netProducts:● BL & Cambridge Bibliography Open● Visualisations (Globe & Graph)● BibJSON● Etc!!!Re-funded to push forwardopen bib movement.
  4. 4. #LOCAHhttp://blogs.ukoln.ac.uk/locah/Product: XSLT / Spreadsheet toturn your EAD into RDFProject Blog of the YearBased at Mimas, funded foranother year to advance Archivesin this space.
  5. 5. ANDS Vocab (privatealpha)● ANDS is tasked with sharing research data across the nation (and globe). I can haz tabular data? <-- weve got lots!● Simple data: tabular Example Tides 1683 Depth: feet, inches, other?
  6. 6. What if...Instead of using human terms (orabbreviations), what if we just copy & pasted alink to what we meant at the header of eachcolumn? http://dbpedia.org/page/MetreThen machinescould read thistable as well, anddo what they dobest... compare!
  7. 7. Iterating towards a solutionSolution: Problems:● Lookup API so it is ● Lots of Academic easy to integrate vocabs, URIs instead of <lessThan>, human terms as the <greaterThan> key:value pairs for doesnt cover it :( data? ● Getting human● API library to house agreement is the on d/b so ANDS can tough part. come along & query?
  8. 8. Thank YouPlease tweet me with questions:@DFFlanders / david.flanders@ands.org.au