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Trailhead: the Free, Fun Way to Learn Salesforce

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Want to learn Salesforce the fun, fast, and free way? Then now is the time for you to check out Trailhead. Trailhead is a fun, guided, interactive way for Admins and Developers to learn Salesforce. By completing hands-on challenges, you'll earn points and badges while you learn.

Join us as we introduce you to Trailhead and share how you can get started on your learning journey today.

What you'll learn:

- How to accelerate your Salesforce learning journey
- What Trailhead is and how it works
- How you can get started today

Intended Audience
Salesforce Developers and Admins

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Trailhead: the Free, Fun Way to Learn Salesforce

  1. 1. Trailhead: The free, fun way to learn Salesforce @cloudysan Sandeep Bhanot Product Owner, Trailhead @TheChrisDuarte Chris Duarte Managing Editor, Trailhead
  2. 2. What we’ll talk about today ❖ What is Trailhead & why we built it ❖ How Trailhead works & who it’s for ❖ Trailhead demonstration ❖ Common questions
  3. 3. What is ?
  4. 4. Trailhead is a fun, interactive, guided & FREE way for Admins and Developers to learn Salesforce https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead
  5. 5. The thing is, learning has changed on a fun bun FREE SLIDERS!▪ Lynda ▪ Udacity ▪ Khan Academy ▪ Code.org ▪ Codeacademy ▪ Treehouse ▪ And…Trailhead!
  6. 6. One of our core values is FUN
  7. 7. Discover Trailhead
  8. 8. Let us guide you …or blaze your own trail
  9. 9. Projects vs. Modules Project: Lightning Process Builder Module: Process Automation “Do” Step-by-step instructions Ideal for teaching a workshop “Learn” Explains the how & why Hands-on challenge YOU have to solve NEW
  10. 10. Demonstration
  11. 11. Show us your badges ❖Show the world your progress on Trailhead ❖Share your badges on Twitter! #trailhead
  12. 12. What people have been saying about Trailhead Over 50 blog posts from customers, plus: Read more comments: http://bit.ly/19SZa1G
  13. 13. Common Questions Question: I know I’m doing the challenge right, but it’s failing Answer: There’s an evil wizard hiding in your org. Either that or it’s probably some configuration or customization in your Developer Edition that’s interfering The best way to test this is to simply create a new DE org and redo the challenge. Either that or evict the wizard. Best Practice Tip Get two DE orgs – one for playing and experimenting, and another just for Trailhead challenges.
  14. 14. Common Questions Question: I lost all my badges and points Answer: The badge monster ate them. Either that, or check that you’re logging in at (1) with the same username. You might have accidentally logged in with a different username. Best Practice Tip Logout when you’re done each day.
  15. 15. Common Questions Question: Is this integrated with the Success Community? I want to show my badges there. Answer: We want you to show your badges everywhere. It’s not integrated yet, but in the meantime, you can socially share your badges. Be sure you’ve enabled “Show Trailhead on my Public Profile.” Go to [your name] | Edit | Settings and check this box. Click Save.
  16. 16. Common Questions Question: It says my username is taken Answer: When your username is Taken, call Liam Neeson. He has a particular set of skills to help you solve this issue. Alternatively, pick a unique username. Usernames need to be unique across ALL orgs in Salesforce, even your production org(s). Your username doesn’t have to be a real email address. It just has to look like one. Your email, on the other hand, has to be real, so you can get the activation email. Gotta be a real email that you can access right away Must be unique across all Salesforce & look like an email
  17. 17. Common Questions Question: I’m having trouble getting logged in to do challenges Answer: I don’t have a joke about this. Make sure you’re logging in at (2) with a Developer Edition org. You can’t do the hands-on challenges with a production or sandbox org.
  18. 18. Thank You and Happy Trails!