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LinkedIn Profile and Company Page - #30DLB2

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Slide deck for webinar for 30 Day Linking Blitz Mk II

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LinkedIn Profile and Company Page - #30DLB2

  1. 1. 30 Day Linking Blitz Mk II Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile and Company Pages Des Walsh Founder, 30 Day Linking BlitzBusiness Coach, Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Specialist LinkedIn profile: http://linkedin.com/in/deswalsh Social web links: http://xeeme.com/deswalsh Copyright © Des Walsh & The Webarts Company Pty Ltd 2013
  2. 2. DisclaimerThis presentation is for information only, should not be taken as representing the official views of LinkedIn and should not be construed as constituting business or financial advice.Logos are copyright of the respective companies.
  3. 3. Linkedin Profile
  4. 4. 10 Point Profile Checklist 1. Professional Photo 2. Customise profile link 3. Professional headline 4. Summary 5. Position descriptions 6. Skills (endorsements) 7. Customise web links 8. Twitter link 9. Video, stills, presentations 10. Recommendations
  5. 5. Professional Profile
  6. 6. Profile Specifics 1-21. Professional photo  Recognizably you  No logos, no dogs  Same photo across social networks2. Customize profile URL from http://linkedin.com/in/name-hypenated/o/xx/aay to http://linkedin.com/in/yourname
  7. 7. Profile Specifics 33. Professional Headline  Use keywords - no marks for cuteness  Crucial for your findability  And important on Google and other search engines  Order of titles/words  Need to customize
  8. 8. Profile Specifics 44. Summary  Story, not just a list  Keywords  Working formula  Use video, slide presentations, still shots  Character limit - between 200 and 2000  Experiment, testing search results
  9. 9. Profile Specifics 5-65. Position descriptions  Story  Keywords  Link to company page (note: exact name of company)6. Skills  The ones you want to be found for  Delete the ones you dont want
  10. 10. Profile Specifics 7-87. Customize web links (Contact info) Custom text within 35 characters Use links smartly8. Twitter link (Contact info)
  11. 11. Profile Specifics 9-109. Video, presentations (slides), stills  Apparently not available yet for all profiles10. Recommendations  Ask people to link them to the positions you want highlighted  You dont have to show all recommendations
  12. 12. Company Pages
  13. 13. Company Pages
  14. 14. Company Page Can be a brand Can have more than one Has some features not available on personal profile − Products and/or services − Banner images − Updates for targeted audiences − Multiple-audience messaging
  15. 15. Company Page SectionsHome  “Overview” in edit modeProducts and/or ServicesCareerInsights  Follower insights  Page insights
  16. 16. Company Page – Products/Services
  17. 17. Dell Company Page
  18. 18. Dell Products
  19. 19. Dell Latitude (with video)
  20. 20. Company Page Updates
  21. 21. Coming Attractions!Webinar - Building and Engaging with Your Network - week commencing Feb 25, 2013Webinar - LinkedIn Groups: Participating and Possibly Establishing Your Own - week commencing March 4, 2013Webinar - Highlights of 30DLB2 and Building on the Experience - week commencing March 11, 2013
  22. 22. 30 Day Linking Blitz The 30 Day Linking Blitz is a free, collaborative, self-directed project, in which each participant commits to take action on his/her LinkedIn presence and activity, over a 30 day period. The second Blitz started February 11, 2013 and registrations for that are closed. To receive an early alert for the next Blitz just drop your name and email into the form on the website and click the arrow – http://30daylinkingblitz.com
  23. 23. Admin StuffWebinar recordingVideo version to be uploaded to YouTubeAudio version also to be availableLinks at Resources page on website (password as for Members page)See/download this slide deck at my Slideshare pagehttp://slideshare.net/des