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Assignment 8 (2)

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Assignment 8 (2)

  1. 1. By Debbie Marques
  2. 2. Romantic Drama
  3. 3.  Most interesting and touching for me Most films I watch are romantic drama Inspirational scenes were mostly based on this genre Have a better knowledge about the conventions on this genre.
  4. 4.  Love stories Affairs Focus on passion emotions Journey love takes through marriage Usually lovers face obstacles Illness Financial problems Racial Social class status Sexual orientation
  5. 5.  Love at first sight young with older love obsessive love forbidden love sacrificial love Tragic love Ending with a ‘’happily ever after’’ Reunion of family Final kiss Not all have happy endings
  6. 6. Titanic Dirty dancing • the most difficult part of the dance •Practiced through the •Dancing scene entire film, never • memorable• flying scene went right • unexpected• very romantic • remember her• original (never happened and the ‘tickles’before)• memorable• shows the love
  7. 7. TheA walk to remember notebook • first kiss of the couple • romantic atmosphere • unexpected Grease •Ending scene •They die holding hands • very romantic • Sad •Final scene •Knows one is expecting these changes •Memorable
  8. 8. (Conflict) Man gets threatened to leave wife otherwise she will die. He leaves her, full of despair she leaves home gets run over and3. Man divorces dies. How will he react to this ?from his wife ashe finds out hisinterest in men,she loves him somuch that sheends up killinghim as she thinks Dramaif he’s not hers he 1. 2o year old boy obsessedis no one elses . over a 16 year old rich(obsession) girl, tries to rape her (obsession) 2. Women always been jealous of cousin because she was the perfect one therefore decides to kill her to stay with cousin’s husband (revenge)
  9. 9.  Married for 3 years Husband gets a letter threatening him to leave his wife that he loves, otherwise she will die Husband to save her, pretends he has an attraction for his friend Wife in despair and confusion leaves house without thinking wife gets run over by a car and dies Husband feels guilty tries to commit suicide when he hears his wife’s voice telling him to be strong and that wasnt his fault
  10. 10.  Close up shot of wedding rings husband looks at letter threatening him Flashbacks of wife leaving the house in tears Sound of car breaks Wife laying on road with husband on his knees, crying, holding her hand (reverse zoom )
  11. 11. Husband (Matt)•caring•Loving•Romantic•Handsome•Casual clothes•FashionableWife (Diana)•Loves husband•Wealthy•Spoilt•Fashionable•Beautiful•Her image is heridentity
  12. 12.  Wedding rings – who is married ? What was matt’s excuse to leave the wife ? How did he react to the wife’s death ?
  13. 13.  People from 15 to 20 Mostly females Romantic people Enjoys drama romance Believe in loveInteresting to target audience : Using characters that are more or less the same age Using realistic problems in these peoples lives