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Successworks customer audit v5 generic pptx

Steps to understanding the customer journey and creating a good audit

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Successworks customer audit v5 generic pptx

  1. 1. 1  growth through Multi-Channel innovation Customer Experience Audit
  2. 2. Agenda   Background     How  we  do  it     Timing     Creden6als    
  3. 3. Customer  Experience  Audit     •  What   –  Understand  how  the  customer  interacts  with  your  client’s    brand  from  the   customer’s  point  of  view   –  Iden6fy  the  key  pain  points  that  need  to  be  addressed  in  communica6ons     •  When     –  Pitch  new  business     –  Contract  renewal   –  Create  brand  differen6a6on   –  ShiH  spending   •  Benefits     –  Start  new  conversa6on     –  Help  unify  communica6ons  across  channels   –  Reinforce  your  posi6on  as  a  thought  leader   –  Create  more  long  term  s6ckiness    
  4. 4. Age  of  the  Empowered  Customer     Always  on     Always  Connected     On  the  move     Opinionated     47%  of  customer  experience  is   dependent  on  sales  and  marke6ng*       *Aberdeen  2013     Amplified     Voice    
  5. 5. Why  Customer  Experience?     Customer  experience  includes  every  interac6on  a  customer  has  with  a  company.  The   challenge  is  to  improve  how  customers  feel  about  their  experiences  and  how  they   share  that  informa6on  with  others.    
  6. 6. Why  Customer  Experience?   *Right  Now  Technologies  Annual  Customer  Experience  Impact  Report:  2011-­‐89%  of  customers  walked  away   following  a  poor  customer  experience  and  began  doing  business  with  a  compe6tor  who  is  one  click  away   Create  differen6a6on  to    avoid  having  customers  walk  away  and  do  business  with  compe6tors*    
  7. 7. *Cost  of  replacing  exis6ng  customers  is  5  to  10  X  more  than  keeping  exis6ng.     Not  providing  the  right  experience  is  cos6ng  your  client  money*   Why  Customer  Experience?  
  8. 8. Customer  Experience  applies  to   B2B  and  B2C*   *Zen  Desk  survey:  impact  of  poor  customer  service  experience  on  B2B  customers     was  66%  stopped  buying  aHer  a  single  bad  customer  service  interac6on.  
  9. 9. What  causes  a  poor  experience?   Between  sales  and  marke6ng     Between  communica6on  channels(web,  call   center,  mobile   Between  tools  &  process  which  do     not  fit  together  easily   Gaps    
  10. 10. The  Customer  Experience  Gets   Lost…     …and  no  one  is  responsible  for  fixing  it    
  11. 11. Agenda   Background     How  we  do  it     Timing     Creden6als    
  12. 12. What  is  Customer  Experience   Design?   Diagnos6c-­‐where  are  you  now   Insight:  What  we  need  to  fix   Improvement  Plan-­‐  how  we   implement     Current  Customer  Experience/   Journey    
  13. 13. Diagnos6c     Understand  the  path  to  purchase  from  the  Organiza6on’s  point  of  view    
  14. 14. Diagnos6c     Execu6ve    Interviews     Custom  Surveys   Voice  of  the  Customer     Voice  of  the  Ins6tu6on     Voice  of  the  Employee           On  site  observa6on     Industry  Comparison   SoHware  Tools:  Suite  CX   Enables  informa6on  to  be  customized  and   rolled  up  in  any  way  the  Organiza6on   needs  it.  It  also  enables  comparison  to   industry  norms.       suitecx
  15. 15. Map  the  Customer  Experience/ Journey     Understand  the  customer  experience  from  the  Customer’s  point  of  view    
  16. 16. Current  Customer  Experience   Journey     Iden6fy  and  collect  all  the  touches       Organize  the  experience  by  channel     Frequency,  segment,  etc.     Consolidate  the  data  by  segment    
  17. 17. Tell  the  Customer  Story  “As  is”  and   “To  be”    Map  the  journey                   Show  the  disconnects             Create  a  visual  mini  story  to     Demonstrate  the  current  and     Future  state         Get  buy  in  from  the  ins6tu6on    
  18. 18. Insight  –What  Needs  To  Be  Fixed    
  19. 19. Provide  a  Roadmap  for  Filling  the   Gaps     Iden6fy  list  of  gaps       Organize  gaps  into  categories       Work  session  to  discuss  and  priori6ze       Final  Roadmap  for  fixing  gaps       High  level  business  case    
  20. 20. Create  an  Improvement  Plan   Iden6fy  the  new  work  and  create  the  business  case    
  21. 21. Agenda   Background     How  we  do  it     Timing     Creden6als    
  22. 22. Approximate  Timing   •  For  new  business  pitch  –  usually  2  weeks,     •  For  one  brand  with  mul6ple  channels  in  North   America  :  call  center,  email,  print,  direct  mail,   social  media,  mobile-­‐  usually  4  weeks   •  Usually  6  weeks  For  mul6ple  brands/  divisions   of  a  large  company   •  Or  global  engagements  usually  12  weeks  
  23. 23. Agenda   Background     How  we  do  it     Timing     Creden6als    
  24. 24. Challenge/Opportunity   Results   Case  Study:  Customer  Journey  Mapping     §  Communicated  to  company  the    customer  experience  that  drives  brand  loyalty,  resul6ng  in  shared  value  for  the  customer  and  the  company   §  Showed  the  need  to  integrate  more  data  to  Develop  a  360  view  of  the  customer  to  deliver  what  they  need,  when  they  need  it,  and  how  they  want  it   §  Helped  modify  the  brand  posi6oning  to  make  the  brand  more  personal  and  focus  on  how  joining  will  benefit  the  member  and  their  community.     §  Iden6fy  “quick  wins”  while  working  towards  the  long  term  strategy.     §  Began  the  change  management  process  to  get  the  organiza6on  on  board  to  make  the  changes  necessary  to  meet  the  needs  of  the  younger  more  tech   savvy  consumers.     Approach/Solu6on   §  Organiza6onal  assessment  across  Brand,    Marke6ng,  Advocacy,    and  Customer    Service  to  determine  gaps  in  CRM  efforts   §  Created  Touch-­‐map  based  on  current    communica6ons    to  fully  understand  current  customer  experience  across  direct  mail,  email,  web  and   social  media   §  Supplemented  journey  map  with  3  minute  videos  to  show  the  before  and  aHer  experience  of  the  member.     §  Developed  detailed  improvement  plan  covering  customer  acquisi6on,  reten6on,  renewal  and  winback.     §  Created  a  technology  roadmap  and  business  case  to  show  how  improvements  would  impact  company  and  members.     Company  was  not  growing  as  expected,  and  was  not   aorac6ng  younger  consumers.     Consumers    opinion  of  the  brand  was  declining.     Renewal  rates  were  declining  slightly.     The  Customer  Experience  group  realized   that  what  was  needed  is  a  complete   audit  of  the  current    experience  from   the  customer  perspec6ve.     Wanted  to  grow  the  membership,   while  retaining  exis6ng  consumers   who  were  aging  and  mostly  off  line   with  the  younger  on  line  audience.     24 5" Project"Plan" Member Knowledge & Experience Assessment CRM Strategy Organizational Change Benchmarking,, Best,Prac0ces, Future,Needs,, &,Gap,Analysis, Member,, Experience, Design, CRM,Strategy,, &,Framework,, Strategic, Road,Map, &,Quick, Wins, Implementa0on,, Plan,&,Business,Case,,, 40"Business"Days" " 30"Business"Days" " 30"Business"Days" " Deliverables:, • "Benchmarking" • "Needs"Assessment" • "Strategic"Findings" Deliverables:, • "Journey"Maps" • "Strategic"Framework" • "RecommendaDons"on"Future"" ""State"Improvements" Deliverables:, • "Road"Map" • "Business"Case"" • "Quick"Win""" • "ImplementaDon"Plan"and"" ""Requirements" Phase,1:,,, Discovery, Phase,2:,,, Strategy,Development, Phase,3:,,, PreMImplementa0on, We,Are,Here, 6"6" SEGMENT"6"AS"IS" Emo$onal( Emo-onal"End"State" Annoyed:"Signifies"that"the"member"is"feeling"a"sense" of"frustra-on"with"his"unsuccessful"experience." Experience( Experience"End"State" Annoyed:"Signifies"that"the"member"is"feeling"a"sense" of"frustra-on"with"his"unsuccessful"experience." 4"4" 16#16# Recommenda,ons#Hierarchy#To# Achieve#End#State# Data# Collec,on# Ac,onable# Segmenta,on# Metrics/# Analy,cs# Website# Improvements# Content# Management# Execute#on#New#Renewal# Program# Cross#Channel# Experience# Plan#and#Use#Member# Feedback# Leadership/Governance# Change#Management# Make#Renewal#Content# Clear# Partners#Part#Of#Brand# Story# Join/Acquire# Engage/Retain# Renew# Founda,onal# Make#The#AARP#Story## Personal# Make#Brand#Promise# Ac,onable# Remember/Use# Member#Preferences# Increase#Quality# Governance#
  25. 25. Challenge/Opportunity   Results   Case  Study:  Build  long  term  technology   roadmap  based  on  improved  customer  experience   §  Improved  customer  experience  by  adding  trays,  follow  up  messaging    and  beoer  integra6on  between  in  store  and  on  line.     §  Developed  3  year  road  map  to  transi6on  from  current  siloed  technology  to  integrated  plan.   §  Increased  trigger  marke6ng  campaigns    and  added  thank  you    for  new  purchases.     §  Integrated  the  planning  for  the  new  POS,  Digital  and  CRM    ini6a6ves  to  create  synergy  and  reduce  costs.     Approach/Solu>on     §  Assess  current  state  of  customer  rela>onship  including  channel,  contact  strategy,  organiza>onal  readiness,  data,  analy>cs,  technology,   metrics  etc.  Establish  benchmarks  and  iden>fy  gaps  against  best  prac>ces.     §  Develop  the  future  CRM    Vision  strategy  and  socializa>on  plan.     §  Map  the  current  customer  experience  and  iden>fy  pain  points,  strengths  and  weaknesses.  Focus  on  call  center,  retail,  on  line  and  email.   §  Make  sugges>ons  on  how  to  improve  the  customer  experience  and  priori>ze  based  on  cost  and  value.     §  Build  out  a  3  year  technology  roadmap  based  on  SAP  tools  to  help    transi>on  from  a  set  of  disparate  tools  to  a  fully  func>oning     interac>ve  CRM  system.     Helped  retailer  with  mul>ple  brands  develop  a   long  term  vision  and  roadmap  for  customer   rela>onship  management.   Elevate  the  customer  experience    to  build   rela>onships   Deepen  the  understanding  of  customers   through  beMer    data  management  and   analy>cs   Generate  ac>onable  insights   Drive  growth  and  profitability     through  loyalty  and  reten>on.     17 The Project Plan Customer Knowledge & Experience CRM Strategy Organizational Change Benchmarking Best Practices Future Needs & CRM Strategies Journey Maps CRM Strategy & Framework & Business Case Strategic Roadmap & Quick Wins CRM Requirements & RFP 21 Days 30 - 45 Days 30 Days Deliverables: •Competitive Benchmarking •Needs Assessment •Strategic Findings Deliverables: •Data Mapping •Strategic Framework •Recommendations •Project Report Out Deliverables: •3 Year Roadmap •Staffing Requirement •Implementation Requirements •RFP for CRM Solution Provider Part 1: Discovery Part 2: Strategy Development Part 3: Pre-Implementation
  26. 26. Case  Study:  NaQa-­‐wide  Agribusiness  Customer  Diagnos>c/ Touchmap   §  Immediate  improvement  in  Sales/Marke6ng  rela6onship  leading  to  higher  u6liza6on  of  each  other’s  capabili6es   §  Segmenta6on  schema  adopted  to  help  manage  sales  resources  and  drive  lead  nurturing  email  programs,  training,  events   §  New  SAP  solu6on  design  in  blue  print  phase     §  Assetlink  DAM  system  implemented   §  Prototype  Program  taken  to  Europe  and  South  America     §  Organiza6onal  assessment  across  Sales,  Marke6ng  and  Service  to  determine  gaps  in  CRM  efforts   §  Created  Touchmap  to  fully  understand  grower  through  retailer  and  distributor  journey   §  Developed  ini6a6ves  to  close  gaps  (OPIT)     §  Developed  requirements,  RFP’s  and  managed  bid  processes  for  SFA,  MRM,CRM  solu6ons   §  Developed  Sales  and  Marke6ng  Training  for  Segmenta6on  and  1:1  Marke6ng  concepts   Client  had  several  failures  to  launch  CRM   programs   Sales/Marke6ng  not  in  agreement  on  how  to   proceed   Realized  technology  plan  would  not   work  without  a  Go-­‐to-­‐Market  Strategy   and  clearer  understanding  of  Marke6ng/ Sales  Needs/Objec6ves  Business   Requirements   Concern  about  aliena6ng  Resellers   kept  them  from  collec6ng  relevant   end  user  data    -­‐  Sales  and  Marke6ng   oHen  blind  in  trying  to  create  lead   nurturing  programs   Challenge/Opportunity   Results   Approach/Solu6on  
  27. 27. Challenge/Opportunity   Results   Case  Study:  Customer  Centric  Diagnos>c  and   Journey  Map   §  Lowered  overall  communica6ons  costs  while  improving  benchmark  scores   §  Increased  communica6ons  at  key  points  in  the  customer  lifecycle  (renewal)  while  reducing  them  where  they  were  not  as   important   §  Developed  a  communica6ons  calendar  to  improve  interac6ons  and  warning  to  brokers/contact  center  so  they  could  staff   accordingly   §  Created  new  data  flows  to  ensure  customer  journey  6ming  from  phase  to  phase  was  op6mized   Approach/Solu6on   §  Developed  a  mul6-­‐leveled  customer  journey  map  that  covered  every  touch  (B2B,  B2C  across  the  organiza6on.   §  Plooed  metrics,  data  flows,  customer  tes6monials,  collateral,  digital  interac6ons  across  full  lifecycle   §  Analysis  of  gaps  and  overlaps  –  created  ini6a6ves,  priori6zed  them  and  then  created  an  improvement  roadmap   Marke6ng  didn’t  actually  know  who  was  interac6ng   with  prospects  or  members   Results  from  required  polling  were  low  for  quality  of   communica6ons   Costs  to  acquire  new  members  was   skyrocke6ng     Costs  for  communica6ons  was   increasing  while  ROI  wasn’t     Marke6ng  didn't  know  when   different  departments  were   execu6ng  campaigns  and  as  a  result   the  contact  center  and  brokers   were  experiencing  feast  or  famine  
  28. 28. Case  Study:    Experience  Mapping  Process     Development   §  Developed  process  framework     §  Created  detailed  Level  1-­‐4  Processes  for  banking  group.   §  Mapped  to  Corporate  Process  ini6a6ve  to  ensure  strong  connec6on  between  two  group’s  Process  Maps  and  Process   Narra6ves,  Interface  Requirements  etc.   Challenge/Opportunity   §  New  processes  developed  to  effec6vely  communicate  customer  experience  and  desired  processes  across  all  channels   §  Process  narra6ves  and  templates  replaced  all  other  tools  to  create  a  standard  approach     §  Higher  level  of  adop6on  and  improved  experiences  at  contact  center  and  branch   Approach/Solu6on   Gallup  Poll  indicated  that  there  were  major  gaps   in  customer  experience  for  loan  products     Weak  6e  between  customer  experience  desired   and  actual  experience  due  to  poor   communica6ons   Results   Internal  experience  group  needed  process  and   methodology  to  communicate  as  is  and  to  be   states      
  29. 29. Case  Study:  B2B  Buyer  Journey  and  Analysis   Challenge/Opportunity   Results   §  Leadership  saw  the  level  of  complexity  of  the  different  cons6tuents  and  were  able  to  develop  addi6onal  strategies   §  Map  now  being  used  to  deepen  understanding  of  rela6onships  across  LOB’s  as  well  as  customers   §  Salesforce  tool  being  mapped  to  different  use  cases  based  on  insights   §  Communica6ons  now  being  mapped  more  closely  to  derive  addi6on  insights   Approach/Solu6on   §  Through  interviews  of  all  Ins6tu6on/Employee/Customers  created  a  complex,  mul6-­‐faceted  buyer  journey  map   §  Highlighted  pain  points,  moments  of  truth  and  key  interac6on  points  for  use  in  crea6ng  Salesforce.com  processes   §  Iden6fied  opportuni6es  to  improve  rela6onships  with  company  Professionals  in  many  different  ways   Company  desired  to  move  towards  more  sales/ marke6ng  automa6on  but  didn’t  understand   buyer  journey   Complex  set  of  influencers  and  buyers   made  development  of  a  set  of  use  cases   and  programs  difficult  without   customer  insight   Business  wanted  to  start  to  message   customers  with  the  right  type  of  message,   appropriate  6ming  and  offers    
  30. 30.   •  Darcy  Bevelacqua   •  Success  Works     •   darcybeve@yahoo.com     •  917  520-­‐0261          Undecided  on  your  customer   experience    direc6on  ?     www.success-works.com Contact us for help Darcy Bevelacqua Darcybeve@Yahoo.com www.linkedin/in/darcybev 917 520-0261

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Steps to understanding the customer journey and creating a good audit


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