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User Persona Poster Template

DanyaShea Digital Marketing offers target and niche market research, customer segmentation and user persona development.

Use this template as a guide to create your own user personas and make savvy marketing decisions based on real consumer behaviors.

This is a SAMPLE overview of services offered.

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User Persona Poster Template

  1. 1. SCOUT TROOP DEN MOTHERS Jackie Michaels Female, Age 34 Hispanic/Caucasian Some College Married, Stay-at-Home Mom 3 Elementary-Aged Kids Annual Household Income $55,000BackgroundJackie was raised in a middle middle-class family and is the second of four kids. She grew up doing scouts with hersiblings and had very active parents in the scout troop. Throughout high school Jackie could always be counted on tohelp with whatever charitable event was going on, and she spent summers as a camp counselor through her teenyears and while attending the local junior college. Jackie finds great purpose and satisfaction as a den mother for herchildren’s scout troops, and in serving on the school PTA board.Demographics34, Hispanic/Caucasian, F, stay-at-home mom, three elementary-aged children, some college, annual householdincome of $55,000Persona Type – HumanisticSo that she can stay home to raise her three children, Jackie is very conscientious about finances. She is veryrelational, and so prefers to make decisions from an emotional place, rather than a logical one. She also likes to feelconfident about her choices, and doesn’t like to be rushed or pressured into things.RoleJackie is buying for herself, her three elementary-aged children, and her busy working husband. She is also a leaderin the scouts’ troops and PTA, so can influence group buying decisions as well.Buying HabitsWith Jackie, no penny goes unaccounted for. Though she is conscientious about expenditures, she knows how tosplurge at the right time to get a great deal. Jackie also never pays full price.Media ConsumptionWith running a full house, and parenting three active children, Jackie doesn’t have much time for media. She mayspend 1 to 2 hours per day online doing emails, keeping up with friends on a social network, or making a purchase.She rarely has time for television, and can’t handle the distraction of a mobile device. She is known to always havethe radio going in the background with great, upbeat tunes. Her primary source for media is in her home on a ratheroutdated PC.Conversion GoalsFor Jackie, a successful primary call to action would be SHOP & COMPARE. This appeals to her desire to makedeliberate financial choices, and also helps her justify the expense. A good secondary call to action would be GETFREE CAMPING TIPS. This appeals to her thrifty side, and lets her make the most of her limited time online.