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Web Typography: A (Brief) Review

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A very brief look at where certain aspects of typography on the web are today — specifically, methods for replacing OS defaults with other typefaces.

The slides are guides used for a quick (15-20 minute) talk at Refresh Lauderdale, rather than informational, with the exception of the references section at the end, which includes many great resources for typography in general, as well as for setting type on the web in all forms.

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Web Typography: A (Brief) Review

  1. Web Typography: A (brief) review Dan Rubin Sidebar Creative © Copyright 2009, Dan Rubin. These slides may not be used without permission.
  2. Typography is what language looks like. Ellen Lupton
  3. what is web type?
  4. beyond the default fonts
  5. image replacement
  6. Cufón
  7. Text
  8. sIFR
  9. Text
  10. @font-face
  11. Text
  12. Typekit
  13. Text
  14. Text
  15. Text
  16. rendering issues
  17. Text
  18. reference
  19. books The Elements of Typographic Style Robert Bringhurst Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works Erik Spiekermann & E.M. Ginger The Non-Designer’s Type Book Robin Williams Designing with Type: The Essential Guide to Typography James Craig Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide Ellen Lupton Web Standards Creativity Multiple Authors
  20. links The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web http://webtypography.net/ Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid http://www.alistapart.com/articles/settingtypeontheweb 5 Simple Steps to Better Typography http://markboulton.co.uk/articles/detail/five_simple_ » steps_to_better_typography/ CSS with Vertical Rhythm http://drewish.com/tools/vertical-rhythm Compose to a Vertical Rhythm http://24ways.org/2006/compose-to-a-vertical-rhythm CSS @ Ten http://www.alistapart.com/articles/cssatten
  21. links Revised Image Replacement http://www.mezzoblue.com/tests/revised-image-replacement/ sIFR (scaleable Inman Flash Replacement) http://novemberborn.net/sifr Cufón http://wiki.github.com/sorccu/cufon/ Typekit http://typekit.com/ The League of Moveable Type http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/ Font Squirrel http://fontsquirrel.com/
  22. links Web Fonts Test Suite http://jontangerine.com/silo/typography/web-fonts/ Converting OTF or TTF to EOT http://snook.ca/archives/html_and_css/screencast-converting-ttf2eot Become a Font Embedding Master http://snook.ca/archives/html_and_css/becoming-a-font-embedding-master Type Does Not Look Exactly The Same in Every Browser http://forabeautifulweb.com/blog/about/ » type_does_not_look_exactly_the_same_in_every_browser/ Nice Web Type http://nicewebtype.com/ I Love Typography http://ilovetypography.com/
  23. fin. twitter: @danrubin slideshare.net/danrubin