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  1. 1.  Huatabampo is a city of the federal state of Sonora, Mexico. Its population is 89,276 inhabitants.
  2. 2. Name means..  Huatabampo name means land of general
  3. 3. Typical foods  typical foods  Huatabampo is just one of the municipalities of the state of Sonora , is recognized as one of the regions where it is customary to consume seafood, its inhabitants include in your Diara diet various dishes that manage to leave a good taste in your mouth , between them , these are some of the most common:  Colachi  It is a food where it is like pumpkin , onion , cheese , butter  Huacabaqui  It's a fresh cooked meat, in stalks with corn, beans , chickpeas , cabbage and squash.  Fried crushed  It is based on dry roasted, soaked and mashed with garlic meat. Normamente accompanied with fries or diced egg.
  4. 4. Surroundings and sights  The municipal cemetery is buried Gen. Alvaro Obregon Salido who was president of the Republic in the period 1920-1924.  House Museum General Álvaro Obregón.  Huatabampito beaches.  Playas.jpg  Estero de Moroncarit  Multipurpose Center.
  5. 5. typical drinks  This town has the family horchata drinks, barley water, fruit drinks and usually for their potlucks.
  6. 6. Thank for you attencion.