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  1. Flickr | by andrewrennie ’DON TS yourpresentationcan DO without
  2. Don’t ImposeTo sell harder, you speak softer.Use plenty of suggestive words. Flickr | by maxw
  3. Don’t MimicKeep up with the times. But imitateevery fad, and your audience willrealize that there’s no insight fromyour end. No real contribution. Flickr | by evilpeacock
  4. Don’t Grovel Never plead. Instead, reason with your audience. Demand their attention, subtly.Flickr | by Royal Olive
  5. Flickr | by Beni Ishaque Luthor Don’t Waver Take a side and stand by it. Use reassuringadjectives. Sound neutral and you could come off as unconfident. Or worse, boring!
  6. Don’t Lie You’d be surprised, how much statistics are “calculated.” Your projections today, could influence a major decision tomorrow. Keep it real.Flickr | by fi_chince
  7. Don’t GripeEven if you have to make analarming point, don’t complain.Reason. Avoid using negativeadjectives. “You’re not goodenough” is better than“You suck!” Flickr | by sergis blog
  8. Don’t Pun Unless you know your audience well enough to throw in a few, don’t. Puns are brain farts. Steer clear of them. They add no value.Flickr | by ohdarling
  9. Don’t Quote In pithy words or digits. The former is a sad excuse for filling empty spaces. The latter just shows you’re greedy. Use the slides to showwhat you have to offer. Quote and sell, later. Flickr | by nickb_rock
  10. Don’t Prolong It’s a slideshow, not a lecture. Be crisp and brief. Use shorter sentences.Flickr | by slworking2
  11. Flickr | by YanivGDon’t ScreamMetaphorically, of course. No flashy colors orunusually large text. AVOID USING UPPERCASE ALL THE TIME. They will still get it!
  12. Now that you know how,and where it can goWRONGIts time you met the PROs,who put the SHOW inSlideshow Flickr | by vincentsl
  13. Now that you know how,and where it can goWRONGIts time you met the PROs,who put the SHOW inSlideshow Flickr | by vincentsl
  14. http://www.facebook.com/EffectWorks effect works Presentations. And More.Copy: Praveen Balachander | www.effectworks.com | Get in touch: contact@effectworks.com